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LAUC-LA Handbook: Research & Professional Development

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Awards Calendars, 2021-2022

LAUC (Statewide)
R&PD Calendar

October 2, 2023:  First call for proposals for Research Grants, Mini-Grants, and Presentation Grants distributed.

November 13, 2023:  Proposals due to Divisional Research Committees.

November 27, 2023:  Divisional Research Committees forward applications to LAUC Research & Professional Development Committee.

January 31, 2024:  LAUC R&PD Committee awards grants from the first call.

January 31, 2024:  LAUC R&PD issues a second call for Mini Grants and Presentation Grants.

February 16, 2024:  Second Call Proposals due to Divisional Research Committees.

March 4, 2024:  Divisional Research Committees forward applications to LAUC R&PD Committee.

March 25, 2024:  LAUC R&PD Committee awards grants from Second Call.

April 22, 2024: The LAUC R&PD Committee Chair requests status reports from recipients of all in-progress research grants and prepares final reports for the LAUC Executive Board and UCOP.

June 14, 2024:  R&PD final report sent to UCOP.

The LAUC R&PD Committee sets submission deadlines for Statewide proposals

LAUC-LA Calendar.

Until June 3, 2024:  LAUC-LA Mini-Grant Proposals are accepted (and awards made) throughout the fiscal year up to June 3 or until funds are exhausted.

The LAUC-LA R&PD Committee sets submission deadlines for LAUC-LA Mini-Grants.

The Charge

Committee on Research and Professional Development
Committee Charge


General Charge

The Committee is charged with fulfilling its standing Charge as stated in Article VI. Section 9 of the LAUC-LA Bylaws:

  1. The Committee shall consist of three to five members.
  2. The Chair of the Committee shall serve as a member of the LAUC-LA Executive Board for a period of one year, commencing September 1.
  3. The Committee shall develop, monitor and revise guidelines and procedures for the submission and review of proposals from LAUC-LA members for research and professional development funding.
  4. The Committee shall review proposals for research and professional development funding and make awards in accordance with established guidelines and procedures and the availability of funds.
  5. This committee shall annually recommend and prepare an outline of programs (seminars, workshops, speakers, etc.) which contribute to the professional development of UCLA Librarians.


Dana Peterman, Chair (2024)

Patrick Lavey (2024)

Peter Fletcher (2025)

Nina Schneider (2025)

LAUC-LA Representative to Statewide Committee on Research & Professional Development: Diane Mizrachi (2024)

To contact any of these people, go to the LAUC-LA Members Directory or the UCLA Directory.

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