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LAUC-LA Handbook: Officers Plus

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Chair's Timeline


  • Setting Executive Board meetings
  • Preparing agendas
  • Remind Committee Chairs about agenda items
  • Call for Committee Reports -- mid-year and final
  • Call for Committee recommendations, due July 30.
  • Election Calendar (deadline for nominations; election date; informing candidates; secretary announces results)
  • Set up regular meetings with UL and Chair-elect
  • Attend monthly LAUC Executive Board conference calls

Duties By Month

Attend the LAUC Statewide Executive Board Transition Meeting (July or August)


Attend the LAUC-LA Executive Board Transition Meeting (August)

Set the day, time and location for Executive Board meetings.
Begin the committee appointment process.

Committee Appointments and Charges (August - September)

According to the Bylaws, the Executive Board charges the committees and appoints all of the members.  The Chair designates the chairs.  Beginning with the Transition meeting, the Chair participates with the Board in choosing the committee members.  The Chair developes and writes the charges, and presents them to the Board for approval.  Upon Board approval, the Chair sends the charges to the committee chairs and members.

Inform all officers, committee chairs and committee members about access to LAUC-LA Handbook (August - September)

Notify each person that he or she will be editing the LAUC-LA Handbook during the year, and ask each person to request an account from Miki Goral.  The chair (or the chair's designee) updates all committee rosters and charges as soon as applicable.

Set Date for Fall Membership Meeting (August - September)

The Fall Membership Meeting has traditionally been held during the first week of November.  In 2011 it was scheduled for late October, which was challenging because the 2012 Program Committee was not yet constituted.  Because we now have use of the Young Research Library Conference Center, we have the option to use either the YRL Conference Center or the Faculty Center.  The Fall meeting has been a sit-down luncheon for the past 2-3 years, followed by the business meeting and introduction of new librarians.

Direct Election Committee to draft an Election Calendar (December)

The LAUC-LA election calendar is set according to the Election Day date set for the LAUC Statewide election. See the Election Committee page and the LAUC-LA Bylaws for details.

Set date for Spring Membership Meeting (December - January)

Reserve venue as soon as possible.  If necessary, book two dates and cancel one later.  Make sure to check for the UL's availability.

Hold programs/discussions about LAUC Spring Assembly topic (December - March)

Call for Committee Mid-Year Reports (April)

Attend LAUC Spring Assembly (May)

Chair's Additional Tasks


  • Chair LAUC-LA Executive Board meetings.
  • Review and revise Secretary's minutes.
  • In consultation with the LAUC-LA Executive Board, oversee the selection of LAUC-LA Committee Committee members at the annual Executvie Board transition meeting, and appoint the Committee Chairs.
  • Develop additional LAUC-LA Committee and Task Force charges, as needed, in consultation with the LAUC-LA Executive Board, and ensure that additional charges are added to the Charge box for relevant committees.
  • As needed, appoint substitute delegates to the statewide LAUC Assembly.
  • Collect input on statewide and local issues from the LAUC-LA membership and prepare LAUC-LA responses.
  • Post announcements as needed on LAUCTalk.

LAUC Statewide

  • Participate in LAUC Executive Board meetings and phone conference calls.
  • Post announcements from LAUC Statewide on LAUCTalk.
  • Attend LAUC Statewide Assembly.

Chair's Duties From Bylaws

Article 4. Section 4 (a)

1. Establish agendas, preside at membership meetings and meetings of the Executive Board, and serve as chair of the UCLA Division of LAUC. 

2. Appoint the Parliamentarian.

3. Serve as a member of the Executive Board of LAUC and as chair of the LAUC-LA Delegation to meetings of the LAUC Assembly, and report the deliberations of all meetings to the membership.

4. Represent LAUC-LA to the Chancellor, the University Librarian, and as necessary, to other components of the academic community.

5. Prepare an annual report of the activities of LAUC-LA to be mailed to the membership at least two weeks before the Spring meeting.

6. Serve as a LAUC-LA representative to administrative informational meetings as required.

7. Notify the candidates of the results of regular and special elections.

Other Officers or Positions

For duties and responsibilities of other LAUC-LA elected officers, the Parliamentarian, and Webmasters, see the subpages of this tab.

Archiving and Website Upkeep

  • Don't forget to archive your content!
  • At the end of the year, evaluate the information on your LAUC-LA Handbook page. Documentation that is no longer current but considered important to archive can be moved to the Historical Documents tab.
  • If you notice areas of the LAUC-LA website that are out of date, please e-mail the webmaster with changes.

Chair's Reports

See previous reports on the LAUC-LA website.