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LAUC-LA Handbook: Management of This Guide

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.


September 15, 2011 revision


DRAFT: LAUC-LA Handbook Procedures: Instruction Outline--hands on


Pre-requisite: If you have a LibGuides account, let the LAUC-LA Secretary know and you will be given editor rights for this guide. If you do not have a LibGuides account, let the LAUC-LA Secretary know. You will be set up as a Collaborator, which will give you rights to log into and edit this guide. Then log in to LibGuides and click on “please watch this how-to video” under “Create New Guide/Edit Existing Guide” for an introduction to LibGuides. Review LibGuide for your position or committee.


1.   Overview of Procedures for LibGuides

·      Reminder:  The LG supplements, but does not replace, the main LAUC-LA website

·      Purpose:  To provide a location for documentation of procedures for LAUC-LA committees, task forces and officers

·      Definitions (including editing privileges):  LibGuide owner, editor, co-editor

·      Linked boxes

·      Access:  Link to LAUC-LA Handbook LibGuide from LAUC-LA website

2.   Structure (main guide, individual committee tabs, Officers Plus tab)

3.   Standard parts of Individual Committee / Task Force Tabs

·      Home (includes Committee roster, charge and timeline, if appropriate)

·      Sample Communications

·      Procedures

4.   Homepage boxes

·      Introduction

·      What is LAUC-LA?

·      LAUCtalk Listserv

·      Executive Board Roster

·      Committee Reports

·      Conducting a Survey?

5.   Maintenance update responsibilities -- Who + which parts

·      Main guide

·      Committee guides

·      Officers Plus guide

·      Archiving & preservation

6.   Ongoing training and questions / troubleshooting

·      Orientation / training for new committee chairs and officers

·      Orientation / training for new LAUC-LA members

·      Who will conduct ongoing training? (LibGuide administrators or other librarians who are familiar with LibGuide software?)

Who Does What?


  • Ensures that additional committee charges (if any) are added to the Charge box on each committee's page.
  • At present, that has been delegated to the LAUC-LA Chair-elect.


  • Prepares a list of names of who should have editorship/ownership for the LAUC-LA Handbook and which names should be deleted as editors. Forward this list to the LibGuide administrator for updating. This will include the officers (LAUC-LA Chair-elect, Secretary, committee chairs).
  • Updates committee rosters each year once committees are formed.

Committee Chairs:

  • Update timeline, as needed.
  • Update sample communications materials, as needed.
  • Update procedures, as needed.
  • Once an event sponsored by the committee is confirmed, add the event information to the LAUC-LA Calendar tab in this guide.
  • Examples:
    • LAUC and LAUC-LA election dates (Election Committee)
    • Deadlines for LAUC and LAUC-LA grants (Research and Professional Development Committee)

Archiving LAUC-LA Guides

Don't forget to archive your content!

At the end of the year, please evaluate the information on your LAUC-LA Handbook page. Any documentation that is no longer current but considered important to archive can be moved to the Historical Documents tab.