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LAUC-LA Handbook: Secretary

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

LibGuides Responsibility

Outgoing LAUC-LA Secretary will be responsible for passing on access to LAUC-LA libguides to the incoming LAUC-LA Secretary by adding that person as a co-owner. 

Outgoing Committee Chairs will give editing privileges to incoming Committee Chairs.

Duties from Bylaws

Article IV. Officers.

Section 4. c.

1. Serve as Secretary of the Executive Board.

2. Record the minutes of membership meetings and meetings of the Executive Board.

3. Within ten working days of approval, the minutes will be made available to the LAUC-LA membership and to the other LAUC Divisions.

4. Maintain the distribution list for minutes.

5. Distribute to the membership copies of all documents prepared by LAUC for general distribution.

6. Maintain the records of LAUC-LA and handle correspondence and publicity as directed by the Chair.

7. Notify the membership of the slate of candidates for regular and special elections as specified in Article VI, Section 11.c., Article IX, Section 2.a.2., Article IX, Section 2.c.2., and Article IX, Section 2.d.2.

8. Report the results of elections to the membership.

9. Maintain a current membership list which includes each member's unit, rank and a cumulative record of LAUC committee appointments and offices. The Secretary shall provide this information to the Nominating Committee in time for that Committee's deliberations and to the Executive Board for use in staffing LAUC Committees.

10. Inform the Secretary of LAUC of the results of LAUC-LA elections and changes in officers or delegates during the year as specified in the LAUC Bylaws. See LAUC-LA Bylaws Article IX, Section 4.

11. Serve as the owner of the LAUCTALK-l discussion list.

Summary of Secretary's Responsibilities

LAUC-LA Secretarial Tasks

Updated by Simon Lee, 8/11/2021


Note: please review the LAUC-LA Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Handbook for a complete description of all the duties of the LAUC-LA Secretary.

Meetings and Minutes

Executive Board meetings and minutes

  • Take minutes at monthly Executive Board meetings.

    • If you are unable to attend a meeting, work with the Board to find a substitute.

  • Send the draft minutes to the Chair for review as soon as possible after the meeting. Send to the Board a few working days prior to the next meeting.

  • Within 10 days after approval of minutes at the Executive Board meeting, send final version to the LAUC-LA Webmasters (Rebecca Fordon) for posting on the website.

Membership meetings and minutes (Fall and Spring)

  • Notify membership of date/time/place of member meetings at least two weeks prior to the scheduled time. Often, the Chair or the Programs Chair does this instead.

  • Take minutes at the Fall and Spring Membership meetings.

    • If you are unable to attend a meeting, work with the Board to find a substitute.

    • Minutes from the prior Spring Membership meeting should be sent to you from the outgoing Secretary.

    • Send draft minutes to the Chair and to those who gave Committee reports for review as soon as possible after the meeting. Make any necessary changes.

    • Send minutes to membership (LAUCtalk) at least one week before the Membership meeting.

    • Within 10 working days of approval by the membership, send final version to the LAUC-LA Webmasters (Rebecca Fordon) for posting on the website.

Membership Lists

Librarian appointments and departures

  • Contact Library Human Resources (current contact: Emoon Mar) to confirm your role as LAUC-LA Secretary. The outgoing Secretary may want to contact LHR about the change in advance and copy you.

  • LHR will send confirmation of new appointments and departures/terminations. (But keep note of library-wide announcements, as they are often more timely.)

Membership list

  • Keep the spreadsheet of LAUC-LA members current whenever you learn of a hire or separation. Send the spreadsheet to the Webmasters for website updating whenever it is edited.

LAUC-LA Committee Participation List

  • Update the list with new appointees and departures as appropriate. Include name, rank, unit, and current membership activity (elected offices, committee, task force, and liaison appointments).

  • At the end of each peer review cycle, update the list to reflect changes in rank as appropriate. (LHR maintains a list of all current LAUC members, their rank, and unit).

LAUCtalk list

  • You serve as owner of the LAUCtalk list (i.e., Google Group). Update the member subscription list as appropriate.

LAUC Librarian Separation List

  • Update the list with new departures as appropriate. Copy and paste information from Committee Participation list to Separation list. Add the separation date.


  • Detailed elections procedures are in Standing Rule 1.

  • At least two weeks prior to the Spring meeting, notify the membership of the slate of candidates.

  • No more than ten days following the date of the election, submit the results to the Statewide Secretary.

  • No more than 20 days after the election (after the Chair has completed notifying candidates), report the results to the LAUC-LA membership.