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LAUC-LA Handbook: Historical Documents

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Historical Documents

This page contains documents and other materials from 3 years and prior that may help applicants with the application process.  The R&PD Committee has hosted various events and workshops over the years, and where available, you can find information from those sessions here.  While much of the information applies to any grant year, keep in mind that some information is outdated - when in doubt, consult with the current R&PD Committee.

Early Publications

The awarding of professional development funds to librarians is a long-standing practice that pre-dated the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and the UC-AFT.  The 1984 Fund Guidelines explain the responsibilities of the committee and the Library Administration.

Documentation that is no longer current but is considered important to archive (e.g., charges from previous years and reports that may not be archived on the main LAUC-LA website) can be retained here.