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LAUC-LA Handbook: CAPA

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Peer Review Calendar

Ad Hoc Committee Orientation

CAPA Committee Timeline

CAPA appointed--by September 1st

Orientation Meeting with University Librarian--Fall

CAPA members attend Peer Review Documentation Workshop(s)--Fall

Orientation Meeting for Serving on Ad-Hoc Committees--Winter

CAPA reviews Peer Review packets--Winter/Spring

De-briefing Meeting with University Librarian--Summer/Fall



Article VI. Section 7. Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Advancements (CAPA)
a.   The Committee shall consist of seven members: Chair, Chair-Elect, and five other members. All members shall be from the Librarian Series with either career status or potential career status.

b.   The Chair-Elect of the Committee must have career status and shall be elected by the membership.

c.   The five non-elected Committee members shall be appointed by LAUC-LA Executive Board.

d   The Chair of the Committee shall serve as a member of the LAUC-LA Executive Board for a period of one year, commencing September 1.

e.   In the event of a vacancy in the Chair of the Committee, the Chair-Elect shall become Chair and serve for the remainder of the term.

f.   In the event of a vacancy in the Chair-Elect of the Committee a special election shall be held as specified in Article IX, Section 2.d.

g.   In the event of the resignation of any of the five appointed Committee members the LAUC-LA Executive Board shall appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term.

h.   No person shall serve consecutive full terms on the Committee.

i.    The Committee on Appointments, Promotions and Advancements has been created by LAUC-LA to advise the University Librarian on appointments, promotions, merit increases and career status actions in the Librarian Series before final administrative recommendations are made.
Additional Charge (added by LAUC-LA Chair, as needed)



Paromita Biswas, Chair (2024)

Sharon Benamou, Chair-Elect (2025)
Antonia Osuna-Garcia (2025)
Sangeeta Pal (2024)
Dalena Sanderson-Hunter (2025)
Michael Scott (2024)
Shannon Tanhayi Ahari (2024)

To contact any of these people, go to the LAUC-LA Members Directory or the UCLA Directory.

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