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LAUC-LA Handbook: Sample Communications

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Tools for Selecting an Awardee

Pre-Award Publicity

The Chair or a member of the Committee sends CALL for LOTY Award to:

  • Create News item in Library website (JIRA ticket or Simon Lee)
  • Add news item as highlight to LAUC-LA website pages (Simon Lee / formerly Aaron Bittel)
  • LAUC-LA ListServ (
  • Spotlight on the UCLA Library home page (formerly Dawn Setzer)
  • BruinPost (see instructions document)
  • Graduate Student Association ListServ
  • Solicitation email directed toward all Senate faculty (ask past Senate Chair committee member to do this)
  • Library News for the Faculty (Stephanie Kimura - submit request by Mid-November!!
  • Various UCLA Library Facebook pages 
  • Various Library electronic signs (formerly Dawn Setzer for YRL, Courtney Hoffner for SEL, Renee Romero (still? she's changed jobs) for Powell, Samantha Alba for Law)
  • Post flyers in campus libraries and on campus boards (UCLA Center for Student Programming; 105 Kerckhoff Hall; Mike Cohn -
  • Residential Halls' electronic signs and boards - send via staff in Powell (Renee Romero (still?), Alicia Reiley)

Post-Award Publicity

The Chair or member of the Committee sends announcement of the awardee to:

  • ALA, CLA, SLA, etc. (Ask the awardee for affiliations with professional associations to which the announcement should be sent)
  • UCLA Today
  • Library News for the Faculty
  • Graduate Student Association listserv
  • LAUC-LA listserv
  • Various social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter)--contact branch library liaisons
  • If possible, announcement should be sent to the entire community via a BruinPost

Committee Reports

See previous reports on the LAUC-LA website.

Chairs of LAUC-LA Committees and certain LAUC-LA Executive Board members are required to a submit Mid-Year Report prior to the Spring Membership meeting, plus a Final Report before the Fall Membership meeting.  The reports inform the LAUC-LA membership of progress made to complete a charge from in the LAUC-LA Bylaws or to complete a specific charge from the LAUC-LA Executive Board. 

The reports should contain:

  • Report name -- Indicate Mid-Year or Final, and for which LAUC-LA year
  • Names of committee members, name of the committee chair or name of executive board position
  • Charge(s) -- Indicate from LAUC-LA Bylaws and/or from the LAUC-LA Executive Board
  • Summary of activities or work done, and analysis of progress made toward completion of the charge
  • Suggestions of further work needed

Forms and E-mail messages