LAUC-LA Handbook

This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.


Committees to review:

  • Library Plans and Policies--Esther
  • Professional Governance--Miki
  • Programs--Keri
  • Research and Professional Development--Ruby
  • Librarian of the Year Award--Ruby
  • Nominating--Miki
  • Election--Becky
  • CAPA--Miki and Keri
  • Committee to Review the Call--Miki and Keri
  • PR Documentation Workshop--Esther

Notes re Standard wording for committee template

We're starting with a single LibGuide with a separate tab for each committee. We'll work with this approach & if it becomes too unwieldy, we'll consider other options--e.g., a separate LibGuide for each committee or sub-tabs for each committee. One issue is how many editors you can have for a single LibGuide.

For all committees:

  • Members
  • Charge
  • Calendar/Timeline
  • Forms--form letters, other forms as pdfs or documents.
  • Link to LAUC-LA page with committee reports from previous year
  • Template for committee reports
  • Duties of the Chair
  • Communication with the Chair--protocols
  • Surveys & IRB--what committees need to know regarding surveys & IRB & certification, including steps-Leslie McMichael is LAO contact

For each committee--disable all comments; add wording to the effect that "If you have a comment or a question, email the Committee Chair."

For each standing committee--Committee Chairs: contact all committee members to touch base by September 30th, whether or not there's a specific charge beyond what appears in the Bylaws.


ACTION: Keri will contact Charlotte Brown about archiving electronic materials, in addition to print

ACTION: Miki will make initial template for LibGuide as starting point

ACTION: Miki will include information about how to use the LibGuide, how to add and subtract Editors and other administrative tasks

ACTION: Esther will create initial LibGuide for this Task Force

ACTION: Keri will email Kris Kasianovitz or Scott Martin to get accounts for herself, Ruby and Becky


ACTION: Each of us will contact our committee assignments to collect copies of any documents that relate to procedures, & any emails that cover procedures that they think should be incorporated into procedures manual--with names stripped out. We're interested in the process and procedures, not names, but functions & positions--e.g., related to Chair of LAUC-LA or Academic Senate, or LAUC-LA webmaster, etc.