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Japanese Studies  

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Latest News

  • Oct 22 - Nov 30: One month free trial for two DBs, Waka & Haikai Raiburaī 和歌&俳諧ライブラリー (WEB Library of Waka & Haikai Poetry) and Jiten Raiburarī 辞典ライブラリー (WEb Library of Dictionary). They are offered through Nihon Bungaku Web Toshokan 日本文学Web図書館, an online library for Japanese literature operated by Koten Raiburarī 古典ライブラリー.
    Titles included in 和歌&俳諧ライブラリー are (1) Shinpen kokka taikan 新編国歌大観 (角川学芸出版), (2) Shinpen shikashū taisei 新編私家集大成 (古典ライブラリー), (3) Kasho shūsei 歌書集成 (古典ライブラリー) and (4.) Koten haibungaku taikei 古典俳文学大系 (集英社) and in 辞典ライブラリー (5) Waka bungaku jiten 和歌文学大辞典 (古典ライブラリー) and (6) Utakotoba utamakura daijiten 歌ことば歌枕大辞典 (角川学芸出版).

Install a viewer from this site (Click the blue button "ダウンロードまたはアプリケーション起動.") Access to the 和歌&俳諧 or 辞典ライブラリー by ether of the two ID/PSWD sets: ID: cal1401 PW: oxF0q3DX  OR  ID: cal1402 PW: YcSFiddx (2 simultaneous access among all UC campuses).
Some known issues
1.) You want to pin the program 日本文学WEB図書館 under 株式会社古典ライブラリー from All Programs on your PC to access it next time. Otherwise, go back to the download site and click the blue button to repeat the downloading process.
2.) You need to click "Continue" at each error message with Jiten Raiburari.
3.) The viewer window closes itself and generates another window after a split second at certain functions during search.
4.) The program does not work on Mac OSX (somewhat yes on other Mac OS).

Email me your comments on these new databases by December 1st. Thanks!

Japanese Databases


  • CiNii Articles/ CiNii Books (by National Institute of Informatics (NII)  
    - CiNii ("sigh-knee") Articles is the largest online article index for humanities and social sciences. Contains some full text articles. CiNii Books is a union catalog of Japanese academic libraries. Use this database to find holding information of books and journals held in Japan for the purpose of interlibrary loan.
    - Click "Articles" or "Books" from the top left menu to switch between these two databases and between the English and Japanese interfaces from the top right corner. Unlimited accesses shared among 10 UC campuses.
  • JapanKnowledge Lib (by NetAdvance)  
    - A reference database with a selection of e-books by NetAdvance Inc. of the Shōgakkan 小学館 Group Holdings, the top 4th publisher in Japan. You can search both federally and some individually its multiple contents of dictionaries, encyclopedias, full text journals and books.
    - Click the purple logon button on the top right and logout after use. Select the middle "詳細(個別)検索" tab from the top menu to search in individual titles. Select the third "本棚" tab to browse the selected content. 4 accesses shared among 9 UC campuses.
  • JapanKnowledge Lib User Guide
    - Includes dictionaries -
    『Nihon daihyakka zensho=Encyclopedia Nipponica 日本大百科全書』 (小学館), 『Encyclopedia of Japan』 (講談社), 『Nihon kokugo daijiten 日本国語大辞典』 (小学館)~unabridged dictionary of Japanese language, 『Jitsū 字通』 (平凡社)~dictionary of Chinese characters, 『Kokushi daijiten 国史大辞典』 (吉川弘文館)~encyclopedia of Japanese history; and 『Koji ruien 古事類苑』 (under the third tab);
    - E-books/journals -
    『Kaisha shiki hō 会社四季報』 (東洋経済新聞社), 『Shūkan ekonomisuto 週刊エコノミスト』 (毎日新聞社), 『Tōyō Bunko 東洋文庫』 (平凡社), 『Shinpen Nihon koten bungaku zenshū 新編日本古典文学全集』 (小学館); and 『Taiyō 太陽』 (博文館, 1895-1928) and 『Bungei kurabu 文芸倶倶楽部』 (博文館, 1895-1912) in 日本近代文学館
  • NDL Search (by National Diet Library)  
    - A search engine of National Diet Library (NDL). Searches across 83 databases including NDL OPAC and multiple other libraries' databases in Japan. Also includes a content search for digitized collections and an article and bibliographic search for future publications.
  • Kikuzo 聞蔵 II Visual (by Asahi Shinbun)  Icon
    - A full text database of Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞 (1879-present). Click the green logon button to enter and logout after use. Includes full images of Asashi shinbun shukusatsuban 朝日新聞縮刷版 (1879-1989), Asahi gurafu アサヒグラフ (1923-1956) and "Asahi shinbun rekishi shashin ākaibu 朝日新聞歴史写真アーカイブ"~historical photo archive, 1928-1944.
    - 2 accesses shared among 7 US campuses.
  • Nikkei Telecom 21 (by Nihon Keizai Shinbun)  
    - Nikkei Telecom21 is the Japan’s largest online database on business. Provides access to the latest news from the Nikkei newswire service, news archives, business information and corporate profiles. Includes a full text database of Nikkei papers: Nihon keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞 (1876-1961; 1981-present), Nikkei MJ (Ryūtsū shinbun) 日経MJ (流通新聞) (1985-present), Nikkei ki'nyū shinbun 日経金融新聞 (1987-2008) and Nikkei sangyō shinbun 日経産業新聞 (1981-present), and full images of Nihon keizai shinbun shukusatsuban 日本経済新聞縮刷版 (1876-1961).
    - Logout after use. Click the blue button for more information. 1 access shared among 4 UC campuses.
  • Who's Who in Japan  
    - A full text database of Yomiuri shinbun 読売新聞 (1874-present). Includes full images of Yomiuri shinbun shukusatsuban 読売新聞縮刷版 (1874-1989), The Daily Yomiuri (1989-present) and a bio-dictionary of prominent figures, Gendai jinmeiroku 現代人名録.
    - Select one of the four blue buttons: [明治・大正・昭和] (1874-1986), [平成] (1986-), [The Daily yomiuri] (English version, 1989-) or [現代人名録] (Whos' Who), either from the top menu or from the middle brown box to open a search window. Logout after use. Click the blue button for more information. 1 access shared among 5 UC campuses.
  • A-Z Journal Titles
    - Browse/find titles of e-journals held by UCLA.
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS)  
    - An index of western-language monographs, articles, and book chapters on East, Southeast and South Asia published worldwide from 1971 to the present. (Monographs added unitl 1991.)
  • DBR or Academic Research Database Repository 学術研究データ・リポジトリ (by National Institute of Informatics)
    -A repository of academic research databases of multiple subjects.
  • J-STAGE (Japan Science & Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic) Pay Titles - English
    - A database of full text bulletins and research papers of academic societies.
  • JAIRO or Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (by National Institute of Informatics)  
    - A database of institutional repositories which include bulletin papers, journal articles, conference proceedings and theses. Includes some full text.
  • KAKEN 科学研究費助成事業データベース (by National Institute of Informatics)
    - KAKEN ("kah-ken"), a database of research reports of the Grants-in-Aids for Scientific Research.
  • MagazinePlus (by Nichigai Web Service)  
    - An article index. Includes National Diet Library's Zasshi Kiji Sakuin or "Zassaku"=Japanese Periodicals Index 国立国会図書館・雑誌記事索引 (1946-present), Chihōshi bunken nenkan 『地方誌文献年鑑』 (1997-2011), Gakkai nenpō kenkyū hōkoku ronbun sōran 『学会年報・研究報告論文総覧』 (1945-2013), Bungei zasshi shōsetsu shoshutsu sōran 『文芸雑誌小説初出総覧』 (1945-2005), Bungei zasshi naiyō saimoku sōran: sengo ritoru magazin hen 『文芸雑誌内容細目総覧・戦後リトルマガジン篇』 (1945-1979), Dai Tōa Sensō shoshi 『大東亜戦争書誌』 (1937-1944) and contemporary popular magazines (2003-present).
    - Click the blue button for more information. 1 access shared among 7 UC campuses.
  • Open Journals Navigator, with fee journal information (OJNavi) (by Ito Tamio/ EBSCO)
    - Find open access journals (17,000 Japanese and 44,000 other).
  • Persée: Scientific Journals (FR) (by Ministry of State for Higher Education and Research)
    - A database of open source (free) full text journals in humanities in French. Journals are selected by an editorial board.
  • Japanese Periodicals Index Database
    - An article index provided by Kōseisha. Contains National Diet Library’s Zasshi Kiji Sakuin and Kōseisha's 『Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa zenki zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei 明治・大正・昭和前期雑誌記事索引集成』 (120 v.) covering from 1868 to the present, and other sources for local periodicals. Search results provide links to National Diet Library's OPAC and CiNii. Log out after use. Japanese interface only.
    - Another title: The Complete Database for Japanese Magazine and Periodicals from the Meiji Era to the Present. Also called Zassaku Plus ざっさくプラス.
  • Bibliographic Records Service 全国書誌提供サービス (by National Diet Library)
    - Formerly called Japanese National Bibliography Weekly List 日本全国書誌. Provides the lateste seven days information on publications in Japan and Japanese langauges publications abroad.
  • WebcatPlus (JPN) (by National Institute of Informatics)  
    - A bibliographic database of several sources including a union library catalog, commercial databases, a secondhand book market database, etc. Japanese interface only.
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism  
    - A dictionary of Buddhist terminology developed by user contributions and maintained by a professor of the University of Tokyo. Buddhist terms are indexed by radicals, texts, temples, schools, places, etc. Includes links to other useful Buddhist web resources. Click the blue button for a list of lexicographical and canonical references used in DDB.
  • WhoPlus (by Nichigai Web Service)  
    - A bio-dictionary. Covers the most significant 330,000 people from historical to contemporary periods (inc. 260,000 Japanese) with additional 280,000 individuals from 『Jinbutsu refarensu jiten 人物レファレンス事典』, 『Umi o koeta Nihon jinmei jiten 海を越えた日本人名事典』, 『Jiten kindai Nihon no senkusha 事典近代日本の先駆者』, 『Tsuitō kiji sakuin 追悼記事索引1991-2005』, 『Bijutsu sakuhin refarensu jiten 美術作品レファレンス事典』 and 『Shashin refarensu jiten 写真レファレンス事典』.
    - Access from MagazinePlus. Click the "データベース選択" button on the top right corner and select WhoPlus. 10 accesses shared among 7 UC campuses with an annual search limit of 1,000. Clicking a linked result retrieved from the WHO source counts toward this limit. So does the "経歴情報" link included in 人物文献・図書・記事論文.
  • Collaborative Reference Database レファレンス協同データベース (JPN)
    - An online archive of reference questions and answers compiled by librarians in Japan, maintained by National Diet Library.
  • Current Awareness Portal (by National Diet Library)
    - A news site on library and information science.
  • Digitized & Born-Digital Resources of National Diet Library 国立国会図書館デジタル化資料 (JPN) (by National Diet Library)
    - A database of digitized and born-digital resources held and collected by National Diet Library.
  • Japanese Research & Bibliographic Methods for Undergraduates (by North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)
    - Japanese research and bibliographic methods created by Susanna Fessler.
  • Jōhō Kanri Web 情報管理Web (JPN) (by JST Japan Science and Technology Agency 科学技術振興機構)
    - A news site on informaiton management. Includes an open access journal 『Jōhō kanri 情報管理』.
  • nihuINTegrated Retrieval System 統合検索システム (by National Institute for the Humanities 人間文化研究機構)
    - A search engine for over 100 databases of the National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU): National Museum of Japanese History 国立歴史民俗博物館, National Museum of Ethnology 国立民族学博物館, National Institute of Japanese Literature 国文学研究資料館, International Research Center for Japanese Studies 国際日本文化研究センター, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics 国立国語研究所, and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature 総合地球環境学研究所.
  • Research Navi リサーチ・ナビ (JPN) (by National Diet Library)
    - An online research guide covering a wide range of subjects and special materials.
  • Subject Guides Portal (by North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)
    - A portal to Japan-related library research guides by Japanese Studies librarians, compiled by Adam Lisbon.
  • Tosho Zasshi Tansaku Page 図書・雑誌探索ページ (JPN) (by Ito Tamio)
    - A library guide to Internet resources by Ito Tamio 伊藤民雄 and Jissen Women's University Library 実践女子大学図書館.
  • WARP Web Archiving Project インターネット資料収集保存事業 (JPN) (by National Diet Library)
    - A database of websites archived by National Diet Library.

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