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Japanese Studies

Welcome to the UCLA Library Guide for Japanese Studies. This guide presents both introductory and in-depth information for Japan-related research.

Extensive Reading Conference @UCLA/USC - February 17-18, 2018

For information about the February 17 workshop at USC, please visit the USC site.

Challenges of Extensive Reading in Library and Classroom (Sunday, 2/18/2018 @ UCLA)

At Sunday February 18th UCLA Workshop, we discuss about challenges of extensive reading method for teaching Japanese as a second language. We particularly focus on difficulties of assessment of student progress in reading skills and classification of reading materials based on readability in two sessions. Participants will explore appropriate approaches and methods for standardized solutions to these challenges in library and classroom settings.

Japanese language faculty, lecturers, and librarians are encouraged to attend this workshop with or without prior experience of Japanese extensive reading.  

  • Schedule

Session I

10:00 - 10:30: Registration @ Royce 306 (Enter from the north entrance of the Royce Hall and go to the 3rd floor.)

10:30 - 12:00: Roundtable discussion (See below for the Session I handouts 1-7.)

12:00 - 12:45: Lunch @ Royce 306 loggia/balcony

12:45 - 13:00: Walk to Young Research Library (YRL)

Session II

13:00 - 13:15: Registration @ East Asian Library Reading Room (Go to the 2nd floor of the YRL.)

13:15 - 15:00: Presentation and Discussion

13:15 - 13:35
Speakers: Yoshiko MoriAssociate Professor and Japanese Language Coordinator, Kumi SatoAssistant Teaching Professor, and Motoko OmoriAssistant Teaching ProfessorGeorgetown University

Presentation Title: (See below for the presentation PDF.)

Is Manga Fun to Read for Foreign/Second Language Readers?

13:35 - 13:45
Facilitated discussion: (See below for the Session II handouts 1-3.)

How can Library Help Extensive Reading?: Importance of Classification/Labeling

13:45 - 14:45
Divided roundtable discussion on classification/labeling of commercial books for ER, (see the List of Workshop Books and other documents below; also checkout the Resources tab in this box).

14:45 - 15:00

15:00 - 15:30: Library tour (YRL and EAL)

  • Facilitators:
    • Session I
      • Eishi Ikeda, Lecturer, UCLA Asian Languages and Cultures Dept. 
    • Session II
      • Tomoko Bialock, Japanese Studies Librarian, UCLA East Asian Library
      • Junko Tanaka, Japanese Cataloger/Acquisitions Specialist, UCLA East Asian Library

Sponsored by UCLA Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, UCLA Asia Pacific Center (The U.S. Department of Education Title VI NRC Grant), UCLA Asian Languages & Cultures Dept., and UCLA Library.

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