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Japanese Studies

Welcome to the UCLA Library Guide for Japanese Studies. This guide presents both introductory and in-depth information for Japan-related research.

The Japanese Studies collection here at the UCLA library preserves many pieces of Japanese culture. Please take the time to view some of these wonders of history, most of which can be accessed and checked out for viewing. If you are curious about seeing any of these materials, do not hesitate to reach out to the EAL (or Library Special Collections, if specified).

Hyakumantō darani  | 百万塔陀羅尼 


"The printing on these three strips of rice paper is the second oldest extant example of printing in the world, dating from around 764. Between 764 and 770, the Empress Shtoku, grateful for the end of an eight-year civil war in 764, ordered the Buddist prayers (dharani) to be printed and placed in "one million" tiny wooden pagodas as a memorial to the dead and distributed to monasteries throughout Japan."

Source: Library of Congress,

Held by LSC.

Hyakki yagyō emaki | 百鬼夜行絵卷

A beautiful emaki (narrative picture scroll) from between 1716 and 1829, depicting a yōkai parade.

UCLA Wahon Literacies: A Collection of Books for the Study of Japanese Book History,

Held in SRLF.