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Japanese Studies

Welcome to the UCLA Library Guide for Japanese Studies. This guide presents both introductory and in-depth information for Japan-related research.

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Japanese Extensive Reading Collection

The Japanese Extensive Reading Collection is a collection of books ranging from simple children's picture books to well-known literature pieces (most with furigana!) that are classified into different reading levels to accommodate all levels of Japanese-language learners. The collection serves students majoring in Japanese studies to develop their reading skills to read original works of Japanese literature with or without taking a language course. They are shelved in the East Asian Library Display Area, which is located right at the entrance of the East Asian Library (at the Charles E. Young Research Library).  

The extensive reading collection is found under the PZ49.2 call number. There are two classification systems that will aid language learners in their selection. They are the Ikeda system (organized from Level 0 - Level 5) and the milestone system (sorted from X1 - X7). Each is tailored for different purposes, but both will help language learners to target books that supplement their language learning at the appropriate level. Currently, the PZ49.2 call number is categorized by the milestone system.


The PZ49.2 call number is graded at seven levels of reading difficulty based on three criteria:

  • Reading proficiency of a K-12 native speaker
  • Readability and comprehensibility of a text
  • School grades specified on the book as its target reader

All graded readers for non-native speakers are graded into one level in this collection, and under which they are shelved according to their original grading schemes.

X1 is for non-native speakers-- this is where you should start, less kanji and easier to read. 

  • Graded reader series such as レベル別日本語多読 are sorted by their own 0-5 level system under X1.

X2-X7 are graded by Japanese grade levels 1,2,3,4th graders.


The Ikeda system is more focused on the density of Kanji and vocabulary in the readings. The Ikeda system does not formally exist in the catalogue as of 2023, but the grading still exists as an aid for Japanese language learners interested in honing their reading skills. Below are some samples of books sorted by the Ikeda system.

Japanese Extensive Reading Samples

The samples in this tab are all categorized according to the Ikeda system. They should give you a good picture of what the Tadoku collection looks like. Please feel free to come in and look at these wonderful books!

Grades 1-2 (小学1-2), kanji with/without furigana.

Grades 3-4 (小学3-4), kanji with/without furigana.

Grades 5-6 (小学5-6), kanji with/without furigana.

Books for grades 7-9 (中学) and above; e.g., literature, biographies, etc. Kanji with/without furigana.

Other Resources

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