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Japanese Studies

Welcome to the UCLA Library Guide for Japanese Studies. This guide presents both introductory and in-depth information for Japan-related research.

Zadankai & Prange Exhibit (2016 May)

Spring 2016

CCD Documents

Articles on Ethnicity: Tamashii (The Soul)

Articles on Ethnicity: Minshu Chosen (Democratic Korea)

Poem "Yakeato" (The Aashes)

Articles on Ethnicity: Chosen Shin Minpo (New Peoples Magazine-Korea)

Kokusai (The International)

Articles on Class and Gender

Directives & Important Releases of GHQ

Zadankai 1

Zadankai 2

Zadankai 3

Zadankai 4

Zadankai 5

Zadankai 6

Zadankai 7

Ricahrd C. Rudolph East Asian Library

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