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Your guide to theater research at UCLA: Find articles, books, and more.


This guide was created as a point of departure for students, researchers and practitioners of lighting design. While exploring this guide keep in mind that your topic might fall under more than one of these categories.  

Online Resources

Selected Books

Finding Lighting Design Images

Whether you are looking for examples of modern or historical lighting design, imagery to help build and communicate your concept, or anything in between you will find some resources below.  Please note that some resources require off-campus access privileges

If you're looking for inspiration, physically browsing the stacks might be the way to go. Take a look in the following call number sections for books with images pertinent to lighting design -- and make sure you check the oversize and double oversize sections as well!

 N: Visual Arts (General)

NA: Architecture

NC: Drawing, Design, Illustration

ND: Painting

NK: Decorative Arts, Interior Design

PN: Performing Arts

TR: Photography

A Note on Subject Headings

When searching catalogues and databases, knowing the "correct" terminology can make all the difference. Try using these subject headings in your Library Catalog search:

Stage Lighting




Theaters--Stage setting and scenery