Music and Sound Recordings at UCLA

How to find music recordings and sound effects at UCLA.

Purpose of this Guide

This guide tells you how to find music and sound recordings at UCLA. You can search the UCLA Library Catalog to find CDs, LPs, and other sound recordings, including many online. You can also link directly to online resources that UCLA licenses for you to access. A few of these resources have public domain recordings and sounds you can use anywhere.

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Where to Find Music Recordings at UCLA

The Music Library has CDs, LPs, and other media, and licenses many online audio web sites. Anyone may use these recordings in the Music Library. (CDs circulate outside of the Music Library only to music majors and music faculty but permission will be granted to other UCLA students for special cause.) The Music Library has recordings of Western classical, popular, and contemporary music, jazz, musical theater and movie soundtracks.

The Ethnomusicology Archive has CDs, LPs, and other media, but all use is in the Archive. The Ethnomusicology Archive has recordings of non-Western music and Western folk music.

The Performing Arts Special Collections has a very large collection of historical recordings of popular music, jazz, film music, Broadway, and film musicals. All use is in the Performing Arts Special Collections.

Recorded Performances from the Clark Library

Copyright & Fair Use Notice

All of the music you find at UCLA can be used for research, class projects, performance, or for enjoyment. If you use this music in a public performance, in a film or play in commercial distribution, or in any other way outside of the classes you take toward your degree you will probably need permission from the copyright holder. See the Music Library Association's Copyright website for more information.

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