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A guide to UCLA Library collections and resources related to the study of Disney film and television, theme parks, critical studies, and popular culture.

Physical Media: Searching

Searching Library of Congress standardized subject headings can help you find books on specific countries/regions, directors, and genres in UC Library Search. Some examples are provided below, and researchers are encouraged to click on subject headings in individual catalog records that are relevant to their topic.

General UC Search Subject Headings for Physical Media

Examples of selected physical media in UCLA collections are listed below. For many more titles, search the collections of UCLA Library, UCLA Film & Television Archive, and Instructional Media Collections.

Selected Physical Media at UCLA

UCLA Film & Television Archive

The UCLA Film & Television Archive holds over 350,000 motion pictures and 170,000 television programs, spanning the entire course of film and broadcasting history. The collection includes independent and studio-produced shorts and feature films, documentaries, local and network TV programming, commercials, news and public affairs broadcasts, LGBTQIA media, and 27 million feet of newsreels produced between 1919 and 1971. 

Not all of the Archive's holdings are listed in the public catalog, so contacting the Archive Research and Study Center directly about holdings and access is recommended.

Instructional Media Collections and Services (IMCS)

UCLA's central resource for the collection and maintenance of instructional media. The collection includes several thousand videotapes, laserdiscs, DVDs, and other media as well as selected department, media lab, and study center collections.

IMCS is funded for instructional on-campus use. Although most holdings are also listed in UC Library Search, researchers can search the more up to date IMCS catalog available directly from their website. Students must use these videos on site at the Instructional Media Lab, although some are available for streaming via course reserves.