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Film and Video Collections

A guide to analog and streaming media collections at UCLA.

Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Discovery+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Network and Cable Television Platforms (CBS All Access, etc.)

  • Titles offered exclusively through online platforms that sell only to the home market are not available via the UCLA Library. These companies only sell and offer subscriptions to individual accounts, and do not offer an institutional license for libraries that provides access via IP address recognition. The only legal option for films from these platforms is for individuals to rent the films themselves. The websites Just Watch and Reelgood are examples of websites to discover which commercial vendor(s) might be offering streaming access to this type of media.
  • Netflix does allow classroom screenings of some documentaries for "one-time educational purposes" from a personal account. More information.
  • Netflix has also established a freely available Educational Documentaries Youtube channel with selected documentary features and series.
  • Access to films that are distributed outside of these platforms may be possible via Library streaming media databases, or via the Instructional Media Library.

Criterion Collection