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Avalon Guide

How to use and search Avalon

Matthew Vest

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Matthew Vest
Subjects: Music & Dance


This guide is intended to accompany Avalon

You may suggest additions to this guide by contacting the guide owners.

How to Sign In to Avalon

Avalon requires UCLA authentication for use both on and off campus. 

In the upper right hand corner, select "Sign in" and use your UCLA credentials to sign in to Avalon. 

Screen shot of Avalon with pointer to "Sign In"

Before you sign in, you can only access content that is freely available. 

Screen Shot of Avalon with 1 record showing because the user has not signed in

After you sign in, you can see all of the content available in Avalon. 

Screen shot of Avalon with thousands of records showing because the user is signed in

How to Search in Avalon

After signing in, in the upper right corner, click on the search bar, and type in your search criteria. 

You can search by recording title, composer, artist, work or publisher. 

How to Share Recordings in Avalon

After signing in and finding the recording that you would like to share, select "share" just below the Avalon Player.

Screen shot of Avalon with an arrow pointing to "Share" button

You can then copy a link to the item or section that you would like to share. Remember that it will only be accessible to those who can sign in with UCLA authentication. 

Screen shot of Avalon with an arrow pointing to the links to share a record

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The recording I need for my research or teaching isn't in Avalon. Can I request that a recording from the Music Library be added to Avalon?
    • Yes! Send us an email with the Call number for the recording and we will add it.
  • Why are some of the Library's recordings in Avalon and some not?
    • We are adding recordings as we can and by request
  • Where else can I find online audio and video at UCLA?