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United States History

Primary and secondary sources for the study of US History

A Carceral History of the United States

Dey Hernández, Jorge Díaz Ortiz and Sylvia Hernández, "If all Lives Matter ‘Cause We’re All Equal, Why Are Some Lives More Equal Than Others?", September 2020, Agiarte 

"This Cantastoria (picture storytelling with song) uses a handmade quilt to trace the history of the Prison Industrial Complex from slavery to mass incarceration and the killing of Black and Brown people by police in the U.S. The project is a collaboration with self-taught quilter Sylvia Hernandez and community-based organization El Puente." 


Community-based Archives

These archives are open-source scholar activist initiatives that stem from organizations fighting mass incarceration. They may provide specific insight into the perspectives of incarcerated people and their allies. 

Digital Archives



Digital Humanities Projects and Datasets