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Government Information

Government Information Research in the UCLA Library

Welcome to the UCLA Government Information research guide!

Government documents are usually categorized by the level of government which produced them.

  • Federal = The national government of the United States.
  • State = The governments of the 50 states, including California.                                                                          
  • Local = Any level of government below a whole state, such as counties, cities, and school districts.
  • International = International organizations, both global (such as the United Nations) and regional (such as the European Union).
  • Foreign = Individual foreign countries (which may themselves be sub-divided into national, provincial, and municipal government entities).

Open Government Data

In an Executive Order signed by Pres. Obama, the US has announced its intention to make government information open and machine-readable, with the hope that such formats might become the standard for government data in the future. In addition to the library, sources like continue to work, in partnership with the government, to make this information available to the public.

Government Document Selectors



United States Maria Jankowska (federal)
Joseph Yue (state, local)
Latin America Jennifer Osorio
Western Europe Interim Librarian
Maria Jankowska (British Isles)
Jennifer Osorio (Iberia)
Eastern Europe

Alena Aissing

Middle East and North Africa Interim Librarian
Africa (sub-Saharan) Ruby Bell-Gam
South and Central Asia Interim Librarian
East Asia Hong Cheng (Chinese language)
Tomoko Bialock (Japanese language)
Sanghun Cho (Korean language)
Su Chen (Western languages)
Southeast Asia and Oceania Jade Alburo
International Organizations Joseph Yue