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Ethnomusicology Research Guide

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Article Indexes for Music

How to Find and Use Article Databases

When looking for articles, the best place to begin is an article database. UCLA students, staff and faculty have access to hundreds of databases and these databases index thousands of journals/periodicals. The article databases may contain citations, abstracts, or article full text.

Before beginning your research:

Remember that your research topic might cover more than one discipline. For example, if you are doing research on Chinese music, you might need to search not only music, but also Chinese/Asian studies and anthropology databases, as well.

Once in a database, start with a KEYWORD search using words relevant to your topic. When you see a relevant article, click on the title to see the complete citation. If there are SUBJECT TERMS or DESCRIPTORS, click on those related to your topic to find other articles on the subject.

JSTOR and Project Muse