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Slavic and East European Studies

Slavic and East European Library Collections at UCLA

Presently numbering well over 325,000 titles, the collections consist of materials from and relating to Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union, as well as Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, the former Yugoslavia, the Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Romania, and the Sorbs in Germany. Especially noteworthy are the Armenian collection (the largest in the country) and holdings in Hungarian language, literature, and folklore. Current and retrospective materials in all languages are collected in print, microform, and electronic formats and include monographs, serial publications, reference works, dissertations, and conference proceedings.

The UCLA Slavic and East European collections support undergraduate, graduate, teaching and research activities for a number of campus academic departments, organized research units, and interdepartmental degree programs. Principal among these are the Departments of Slavic Languages and Literatures, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, the Center for European and Russian Studies, and the interdepartmental program in European Studies.

Most area materials are housed in the Charles E. Young Research Library, which concentrates on acquiring research-level area materials in the humanities and social sciences. Publications in other disciplines are collected by specialized campus libraries: the Biomedical Library, the Science and Engineering Libraries, the Arts Library, the Music Library, the Law Library, the Management Library and the Maps and Government Information Library collect area materials in their particular subject fields. The College Library collects area materials in a broad range of subjects at the undergraduate level.

Selected Slavic/EE Call Number Locations in the UCLA Young Research Library


Slavic Languages and Literatures

PG 1-540 General Slavic
PG 541-585 Yugoslav Literature
PG 601-716 Church Slavic
PG 801-993 Bulgarian Language
PG 1000-1145 Bulgarian Literature
PG 1151-1163 Macedonian Language
PG 1165-1178 Macedonian Literature
PG 1201-1399 Serbo-Croatian Language
PG 1400-1798 Serbo-Croatian Literature
PG 1801-1899 Slovenian Language
PG 1900-1962 Slovenian Literature
PG 2001-2826 Russian Language
PG 2831-2834.12 Belorussian Language
PG 2834.2-2847 Belorussian Literature
PG 2850 Russian Language
PG 1-540 General Slavic
PG 541-585 Yugoslav Literature
PG 601-716 Church Slavic
PG 801-993 Bulgarian Language
PG 2900-3560 Russian Literature
PG 3801-3899.5 Ukrainian Language
PG 3900-3986 Ukrainian Literature
PG 4001-4815 Czech Language
PG 5000-5198 Czech Literature
PG 5201-5399 Slovak Language
PG 5400-5598 Slovak Literature
PG 5631-5715 Sorbian Language and Literature
PG 6001-6840 Polist Language
PG 7001-7498 Polish Literature
PG 7900-7925 Other West Slavic Languages


Other Eastern European Languages and Literatures

PC 601-871 Romanian Language and Literature
PG 8001-8228 Baltic and Balto-Slavic
PG 8501-8798 Lithuanian Language and Literature
PG 8801-9198 Latvian Language and Literature
PG 8801-9198 Albanian Language and Literature
PH 601-686 Estonian Language and Literature
PH 2001-3445 Hungarian Language and Literature


General and Indo-European Linguistics

P 1-1091 General and Indo-European Linguistics


Social Sciences

DB 901-3150 History--Central Europe
DK 1-4800 History--Former Soviet Union, Poland
DJK 1-77 History--Eastern Europe
DR 1-2285 History--Balkan Peninsula
H-HX Social Sciences, Economics, Sociology
J-JX Political Science