Welcome to the Ethnomusicology Research Guide

This guide is intended to assist UCLA students, staff, and faculty interested in Ethnomusicology. You will find information here on both print and electronic resources. Remember, there are countless resources available. If you need more information or assistance, ASK A LIBRARIAN in the Music Library or the Ethnomusicology Archive.

Ethnomusicology (Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology)

Archive and Library Quick Links

Ethnomusicology Review (the graduate student publication of the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology)

How to Access Licensed Resources

Many items in this guide are links to UC or UCLA licensed database resources. These resources are available from all public computers in the library or via UCLA's wireless network. However, when using these materials from off-campus, UCLA Students, Staff, and Faculty will need to use either the UCLA VPN (Virtual Private Network) or the BOL Proxy Server to gain access.

A World of Music (UCLA Ethnomusicology, 1972)

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UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology 1997

The Seegers and UCLA Ethnomusicology

Head of Cataloging & Archivist, Ethnomusicology Archive

Maureen Russell
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Charles Seeger at the Melograph

Mantle Hood and Gamelan Khjai Mendung

Tsun-Yuen Lui Playing Qin

Robert Ayitee Playing Drums

Suenobi Togi Dancing in Bugaku

UCLA Mariachi Ensemble

Manoochehr Sadeghi Playing Santur