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A basic research guide

Design Media Arts Research in the UCLA Library

Welcome to the UCLA Library guide for researching design and media arts topics.

This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers, pointing to tools, resources, and strategies for finding information related to design and media arts. Please use the tabs above to locate frequently recommended resources. If you have any questions or suggestions for additions to the guide, or, if you need additional assistance with your research, please do not hesitate to contact me!

  Janine recommends...

Library Catalogs

There are a number of library catalogs available to UCLA researchers.

Major Online Sources

These online sources are good places to start researching most design | media arts topics.  Consult the sources listed under the tabs at the top of the page for additional suggestions.

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Research assistance in the arts (Architecture, Art, Art History, Costume, Design, Fashion, Media Arts, Film, Photography, Television, Theater, and Urban Design) is available at the Arts Library. See Reference and Research Help for complete reference service options.

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