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Gender Studies 104: Bodies

Your guide to Gender Studies research at UCLA: Find articles, books, images, and more.

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Ashley Peterson

How to Select a Database or Reference Source for your Image Research Topic

Factors to consider:

  • Subjects included 
  • Time periods covered
  • Descriptive Information provided (and the reliability or sources of this information)
  • How comprehensive or how selective the collection might be
  • Special features that allow you to refine searches
  • Display, download resolution, or citation generation options
  • Rights and Permissions

You might ask yourself:

  • Who (what institution, organization, profession, or expert) might have collected images relevant to your topic? (Do they provide access to their collections?)
  • Where might relevant images have been published or distributed? (In a database? Through an institutional or professional group's website?)
  • Has a research guide, book, encyclopedia article, exhibition catalog, or dissertation, been published on the topic? (Check bibliographies and lists of illustration sources.) More information about print indexes to published images is available on the Images Resources guide Find Images in Books page.

A more comprehensive Image Resources Research Guide is also available at:

Image Databases (Licensed for Research Use by the Library)

Selected Online Image Collections (recommended by the librarian)

Reference List Compiled by Prof. Mithlo (Spring 2019)

The following digitized collections are suggestions for use. You may additionally elect to draw images or film stills from your own research efforts.

 Creative Commons image search engines

Additional Information about Creative Commons licenses is available from the Image Resources Creative Commons Images page.