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Finding news stories from print, broadcast, and other media sources

Major Newspapers Online

Online News Archives

Print Newspapers in the UCLA Library

Current Daily Newspapers

Recent print editions of major world and Los Angeles area newspapers are shelved in the Charles E. Young Research Library A-Level Garden Commons. Check the UCLA Library Catalog for specific titles. Most paper issues are kept for only a month or two before being replaced with microfilm.

Older Daily Newspapers

To find newspaper titles in the UCLA Library, search the UCLA Library Catalog for the name of the newpaper (e.g., Sacramento Bee) within Journal Title (Start of). Some titles will be on microfilm and some will have links to online resources.

Finding Newspapers by City of Publication

The UCLA Library has many newspapers in its collections that have not been digitized. They are not easily searchable in the UCLA Library Catalog if you do not know the title of the newspaper. If you are looking for newspapers from a specific city, you can search WorldCat through the FirstSearch interface and limit to newspapers in the UCLA Library. The search strategy to use is:

  1. Enter the city (e.g., cairo) in the search box and select Publisher location from the drop-down menu.
  2. Limit the search to  Serial Publications
  3. Limit availability to
  4. Do the search, then select the Subtype Newspapers.

The results will be a list of newspapers from the publisher location searched.

News Digests

Several reference sources provide concise summaries of news and current events from around the world, drawing upon hundreds of news publications. Earlier years of these titles are available in print.