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Film and Television 6A: History of the American Motion Picture

Your guide to American film history research at UCLA: Find articles, books, reference sources, and more.

Popular Topics: Paper 2

This page links to subject searches in the Library catalog, as well as class reserve books and other sources on very selective paper topics related to the 6A second paper. While some books related to the time frame of the second paper are on class reserve, many others are not compared to paper #1. The titles and searches here are meant as possible starting places only (not as a comprehensive list or everything you might need). Students are also encouraged to think creatively beyond these topics, or on a specific aspect of them.

If connecting from home, make sure your computer is configured for off-campus access. Also search for articles using the article databases tab.

1970s Cinema


Communism and the Hollywood Blacklist

Film Noir

Motion Picture Studios and the Studio System

Movie Stars, the Star System, and Fan Culture

Television and the Motion Picture Industry

World War II and the Motion Picture Industry