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Film and Television 6A: History of the American Motion Picture

Your guide to American film history research at UCLA: Find articles, books, reference sources, and more.

Browsing by Call Numbers

Most books in UCLA libraries are shelved by call number. You can browse broad call number ranges (examples below), but keep in mind that anything checked out, shelved in Reference or Class Reserves, or in other campus libraries, will be located in different places. Using the Library Catalog is recommended for searching specific books and topics.

PN1993.5.U6 - PN1993.5.U8: Motion Pictures History (United States)

PN1995.6: Motion Pictures and Censorship

PN1995.7: Pictures and sound / talking pictures

PN1995.75: Silent film

PN1995.9.G3: Gangster films (other film genres/topics also shelved in PN1995.9)

PN1998 - PN1998.3: Biographies and scholarship on individuals (mostly directors)

PN1999: Motion picture studios and corporations

PN2287: Biographies of actors/actresses

TR845 - TR899: Cinematography (includes projection, Technicolor and color cinematography, special effects)

NC1320 - NC1776: Cartooning and Animation

NA6845 - NA6846: Motion picture theaters

Subject Headings

Use UC Library Search to find books, or to see if we have a subscription to a journal or magazine. The catalog will NOT search the titles or contents of articles—to do that, use an article database. When searching a library catalog, you may do a general keyword search (directors’ names, titles of films, general subjects, etc.), but you may also do a "Subject" search using Library of Congress (LC) terms applied by catalogers. Examples are below: