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Food Studies

This research guide is designed to support research and inquiry on food from diverse perspectives and across a wide range of disciplines.

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Start with an overview of the research process

Food Studies an introduction to research methods

This book goes over the major research methods in food studies, providing helpful questions and templates to help guide a project.

Craft of research book cover

The Craft of Research (e-Book)

"The Craft of Research has helped generations of researchers at every level learn how to conduct effective and meaningful research."

Food Studies Research Notebook

Food Studies Research Notebook

Make a copy of this google doc for some quick and practical strategies to get started with food and food studies research.

Get background knowledge with a handbook

Looking for a research topic or an overview of relevant research and key questions in the field? Take a look at a handbook! Handbooks, scholarly encyclopedias and other introductory sources are great for building context and background information. They also often contain extensive bibliographies that can help you find influential research and scholarship on your topic.

Featured Handbooks & Encyclopedias

General Sources for Background Information and Context

These sources can help you find general encyclopedia entries and background information across disciplines

Example search: Try searching for "food studies" in quotes to find example case studies of food studies research.

Research Workshops: Get Ready to Research