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Food Studies

This research guide is designed to support research and inquiry on food from diverse perspectives and across a wide range of disciplines.

Why Use Journals?

Use journals when you need:

  • Original research on a topic
  • Work written by scholars & experts
  • References lists to find other relevant research
  • Credible information to support a position/thesis

Research Resources

Check out for online tutorials to guide you through the research & writing process! Learn more about: 

What's a Journal?

​Journals are academic sources to find articles in a discipline or field of study that are written by experts. Similar to newspapers and magazines, journals are frequently published (e.g., monthly & quarterly) to cover current topics and issues with scholarly research.  

Most journal articles include: 

  • Original scholarly research 
  • Citations and bibliographies/references 
  • A type of scholarly review 
  • Primary and/or secondary sources 
  • Analysis of a specific current issue/topic
  • Peer review

Food Studies E-Journals

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