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Asian Studies

See also specific guides on East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

About Asian Humanities and the Humanities in Asia

This tab is delicated to the Asian Humanities and Humanities in Asia Intiative launched by Asian Institute. In this tab and its sub-tabs, you will be able to find specific sources related to the fields of Asian literature, religion, arts, folklore, history, philosophy, social science, etc.

Researchers who work on the following three topics will find this tab useful.

Classical Civilizations and Comparative Religion

A collaborative project on comparative antiquities of China and Europe.

Rethinking Ritual and Performance

The UCLA Rethinking Ritual working group is exploring interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives on the relationships between ritual and religion, performance and traditional culture, and native (historical) and global (modern) art forms in various Asian traditions (South Asian, Japanese, regional Chinese cultures.)

Asian Understandings of the Natural and Material Worlds

The project will explore how the analytic frameworks and epistemologies of Asian religious, philosophical, and social worlds have intersected and informed an understanding of human and economic development. It will, in particular, consider Buddhist influences on and responses to economic decision-making and the use of resources in historical and contemporary Asian settings.

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