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Chicano Studies Research Center Library

Serving the UCLA and Chicano community since 1969

About the LA Murals

Did You Know?

The UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) used to be located on the third floor of UCLA's Campbell Hall, where the mural Chicano History was created in 1970. It was painted by four muralists: Eduardo Carrillo, Sergio Hernandez, Saul Solache, and Ramses Noriega. The mural was taken down in 1990 when the CSRC moved to the basement of Haines Hall. The sheer size of it makes it difficult to display in the current CSRC space. However, the mural will be loaned to the Crocker Museum in 2018 for their Eduardo Carrillo show. Contact the center for more information.

One of the richest contributions the Chicano community has given to Los Angeles are the Chicano murals. Without them, Los Angeles would not be Los Angeles. They are spread all across the city. Many are gone, but some still stand even though faded. There are also non-profits that support restoration—SPARC, The Los Angeles Mural Conservancy—and preserve their history. Below are some great links and resources to learn more!

Chicano History, 1970. Copyright Eduardo Carrillo, Sergio Hernandez, Sal Soulache, and Ramses Noriega.