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Writing Help

Avoiding Plagiarism

See the guide section on Avoiding Plagiarism for more information.

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Annotated Bibliographies

Preparing an annotated bibliography is often the first step in writing a research paper and it is sometimes a stand-alone assignment.

Annotations usually include both description and some evaluative comment on the resource. See Purdue University's OWL Annotated Bibliography page for more help in preparing an annotated bibliography.

Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews are scholarly papers that compile secondary sources on a specific topic. It has current knowledge on the topic and does not present new or original work on the topic. 

They are often used in a research proposal or prospectus, before beginning a thesis or further research.

In order to help differentiate the various types of reviews, see the Type of Literature Reviews chart. 

Here are some great resources for approaching Literature Reviews:

  • Creating Literature Reviews Literature reviews are great resources for research projects in all disciplines, presenting the key ideas in a field, pointing to must-read articles, and suggesting directions for future research. How do you go about writing one, though? This page is a collection of resources and tips for creating your own literature review.
  • Find and Use Review Articles Looking for an efficient way to get an overview of a body of research on your topic? A review article is a great place to start.

Citation Style Guides - Online

When citing sources be sure to use the proper citation style for the course. Below are links to ONLINE summarized citation rules from some of the more popular style guides:

Citation Style Guides - Print

For a general introduction to academic citation and intellectual property, see Citing Sources.

For more detail, consult the complete printed style manuals, available in many campus libraries: