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Los Angeles chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-LA)

Professional Development

Statewide LAUC Grants

The purpose of the grants is to support research activities by LAUC members. Research funds allow University of California librarians a unique opportunity to engage in scholarly research and creative activity that enhances our contributions to the University and our profession. Assistance in preparing a grant and lists of previously funded projects are available from your divisional research committees, who are always willing to help in the development of new research projects.

We offer three types of grants. (1) Research grants fund small to large projects and may be designed as a group project involving other librarians. Funds awarded may be used in the current or following fiscal year. (2) Mini-Grants are limited to a maximum of $500 and are designed to encourage librarians to develop research ideas or to see a project to completion. The award may be used in the current or following fiscal year. (3) Presentation Grants are also limited to a maximum of $600 and are designed to provide some travel assistance to present a paper or poster at scholarly conferences, occurring between July 1st and June 30th of the fiscal year. These funds must be spent within the fiscal year of the award.

Research Grants and Mini Grants may be funded during the fiscal year of application and/or the following fiscal year. Presentation Grants are limited to presentations that have taken place or will take place during the fiscal year of application. The priority for funding of these is as follows: 1) Research Grants, 2) Mini-grants, 3) Presentation Grants and LAUC members may apply for one, two or all three types of grants. The "Research and Professional Development Committee" page on the LAUC website features many helpful documents.

Review the Guidelines for LAUC Grants to learn more about the program and look for the latest presentation for the most up-to-date information on how to apply for the various LAUC Grants.

LAUC-LA Mini-grants

The LAUC-LA Committee on Research and Professional Development is pleased to issue the Call for LAUC-LA Mini-Grant fund requests. Signed requests must also be submitted in paper format. For more information, see the LAUC/LAUC-LA Grant Procedures.


Initiated in 1986 by LAUC-LA, the mini-grants program is designed to encourage librarians to develop research ideas by awarding not more than $500 for each proposal. The LAUC-LA Mini-Grants program is separate from the Statewide LAUC Mini-Grants and Presentation Grants, though the criteria are similar. LAUC-LA Mini-Grant applications are reviewed and administered locally, and are accepted and approved throughout the year, funds permitting.

Staff Development Fund

In addition to the annual LAUC allocation, librarians may request additional funds for professional development purposes from the staff development fund.  Some departments also fund requests for professional development activities with departmental funds or endowment funds.

To request departmental or staff development funds:

  • If you are requesting departmental funds, send your request via e-mail to Lilia Sandoval, Assistant Director of Academic Human Resources.
  • If you are requesting funding from the staff development fund, send the request via e-mail to the Director of Human Resources with a copy to your direct supervisor and AUL.
  • Provide pertinent information - name of event, dates and times, purpose and reason for funding request, amount being requested and what you will use the money for, explain why you feel this activity should be funded, and any explanatory information appropriate.
  • Send the request as far in advance as possible.