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Los Angeles chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-LA)

Peer Review

All LAUC members participate in a peer review process. In the fall, the Library Administration issues the UCLA Librarians' CALL: Academic Personnel Procedures for the Librarian Series and notifies all UCLA librarians of their eligibility for merit increase or promotion. The job performance of each librarian is evaluated by their review initiator. It is the responsibility of each librarian to keep a record of all professional activities which will be included in the academic review record. To assist librarians in preparing their documentation, an orientation for new librarians and a peer review documentation workshop are held by LAUC-LA in late fall after the CALL has been issued.

Librarians at UCLA are academic appointees in the Librarian Series and are either represented or non-represented.

  • Represented librarians are in the collective bargaining unit and are covered by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of California and the University Council—American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT).
  • Non-represented librarians are not in the collective bargaining unit and are covered by the Academic Personnel Manual (APM).
  • Salary scales for represented and non-represented librarians are in the APM.

As academic appointees, librarians are subject to peer review and should consult the following resources:

Questions about peer review should be directed to Lilia Valdez, Assistant Director of Academic Human Resources at 310-825-7095 or via e-mail ( or Emoon Mar, Senior Academic Human Resources Analyst at 310-825-6563 or via e-mail (

2023 Peer Review Documentation Workshop Presentation & Cheat Sheets

​​​​​​Peer Review Documentation Workshop - within the LAUC-LA Handbook and maintained by the PRDW Committee

Cheat Sheets for Review Initiators and Candidates