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Los Angeles chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-LA)

Executive Board & Committees

LAUC-LA Executive Board 2023-24    
Chair   Renee Romero
Vice Chair/Chair Elect   Katherine Kapsidelis
Past Chair   David Cappoli
Secretary   Ikumi Crocoll
Statewide Representatives   Jeremy Whitt and Stacy R. Williams
Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancements, Chair   Paromita Biswas
Committee on Professional Governance, Chair   Doug Johnson
Committee on Research and Professional Development, Chair   Dana Peterman
Committee on Programs, Chair   Jasmine Larkin
Additional Positions    
Parliamentarian   Rachel Green
Webmaster   Sylvia Page
Archivist   Miki Goral
LAUC-LA Division Representatives to LAUC Statewide Committees    
Committee on Diversity   Maggie Tarmey (2025)
Committee on Professional Governance   Kevin Balster (2024)
Committee on Research and Professional Development   Diane Mizrachi (2024)
LAUC Statewide president    
    Danielle Kane (UCI)
Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancements    
Chair   Paromita Biswas (2024)
Chair-Elect   Sharon Benamou (2025)
Members   Sangeeta Pal (2024)
    Michael Scott (2024)
    Shannon Tanhayi Ahari (2024)
    Dalena Hunter (2025)
    Antonia Osuna-Garcia (2025)
Committee on Librarian of the Year Award    
Chair   Megan Rosenbloom
Members   Erica Zhang 
     Immediate Past Chair of the Academic Senate
Committee on Research and Professional Development    
Chair   Dana Peterman (2024)
Members   Patrick Lavey (2024)
    Nina Schneider (2025)
Committee on Mentoring & Orientation    
Chair   Sherry Leysen (2024)
Chair   Brian Raphael (2024)
Members   Jeremy Whitt (2024)
    Stacy R. Williams (2024)
    Orchid Mazurkiewicz (2025)
    Elyse Meyers (2025)
    Alena Aissing (2025)
    Shangching Huitzacua (2025)
    Annette Doss (2025)
    Katherine Kapsidelis, ex officio (2024)
Committee on Programs    
Chair   Jasmine Larkin (2024)
Members   Nora Avetyan (2024)
    Caroline Miller (2025)
    Claudia Horning (2025)
Nominating & Election Committee    
Chair   Jennifer Garafolo (2024)
Members   Amanda Mack (2024)
    Becky Fenning Marschall (2024)
    Fran Marineo Munk (2024)
Peer Review Documentation Workshop Committee    
Chair   Anna Chen (2024)
Members   Becky Fenning Marschall (2024)
    Molly Hemphill (2024)
Committee on Professional Governance    
Chair   Doug Johnson (2024)
Members   Ruby Bell-Gam (2024)
    Doug Johnson (2024)
    Hong Cheng (2025)
    Caitlin Hunter (2025)
    Michael Oppenheim (2024)