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Los Angeles chapter of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-LA)

Members and Committees

All members are encouraged to attend the two LAUC-LA general membership meetings held in the fall and spring each year. Agendas and documents to be discussed are distributed to members in advance of each meeting. A reception for new librarians traditionally follows the fall meeting. The Chair presents a report which summarizes local and statewide activities. Additional membership meetings may be called by the Chair at any time as important issues arise that require discussion by all LAUC-LA members. Members are also encouraged to attend meetings of the LAUC-LA Executive Board which meets each month. Members may also attend the LAUC statewide assemblies, held once a year at one of the UC campuses. Announcements about the LAUC statewide assemblies, LAUC-LA meetings and programs, and issues related to LAUC are posted on LAUCTalk-L. The LAUC-LA website provides much information about LAUC-LA, as well as links to the statewide and divisions LAUC websites.

Ways to get involved in LAUC

LAUC members can become more involved in local and statewide activities by volunteering for committee assignments and running for office. Members make known their interest by filling out the LAUC-LA Committee Interest Form that is distributed in the summer of each year.

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