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Bruin Success with Less Stress

Things to Do and Things to Avoid

Here are some things that you definitely don't want to do.

  • Mismanage your time (see "Avoiding Disaster" for tips)
  • Buy, borrow, download or copy something and turn it in as your own work
  • Cheat, plagiarize or fabricate while completing assignments or taking quizzes and tests
  • Help someone cheat, plagiarize, fabricate or otherwise engage in academic dishonesty
  • Turn in the same assignment for more than one class without permission
  • Anything that could compromise your academic integrity

Here are some things that you should consult your professors about:

  • Turning in an assignment completed for a different class
  • Authorized and unauthorized "group work"
  • Not understanding the assignment or content, having problems getting started, and other resolvable roadblocks

Remember to read the policies and ask your professors or the Dean if you have questions. They're here to help you, and would much rather answer your questions early on than find you in trouble later.

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