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Copyright Law

HandcuffsLegally, only the copyright holder has the right to or grant permission to:

  1. make copies of the work (this means digital copies too)
  2. create derivative work, or collect money from derivative work (this means that legally, you cannot base a work on an existing copyrighted work without permission)
  3. distribute copies of the work (this means digital copies too)
  4. perform the work in public
  5. display the work in public

(17 USC 106, 2002)

Want more on copyright?

What Do Dr. Dre and and George Lucas Have in Common?

They share a very similar sound effect. Lucas claimed that the "Deep Note" sound effect created by LucasFilm could be heard on Dr. Dre’s "Lolo." Lucas filed suit for copyright infringement. Do you hear "Deep Note" at the beginning of "Lolo?" See the "Copyright Website" to judge for yourself.

("Copyright Casebook: Dr. Dre and the Deep Note")