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Student Comments on the News

What do you think about students being sued for downloading copyrighted files without paying? Here are some things students had to say—

Quotes from students

Anonymous Student Interviews 28 May 2003; 29 May 2003; 30 May 2003; 6 June 2003

And now, for a total rant…

"This really is all about the money…. The industry, doesn't know how to control technological advances…. What do they expect when people are capable of sharing files, especially in good quality? And really, they should be happy their music is even out there.... They should be happy I even know some of the songs on the albums [that I'd never buy] and that I even recognize the songs when I hear them, or that [those songs] are in my shuffle. If I didn't have a digital copy I NEVER would know what [those artists] sing. Which is better—consumers not knowing at all, or having a "not real" copy? And ya know what—if I like more than about 3 songs on an album I'm probably gonna buy it."

Anonymous. Personal Interview. 2 July 2003.

Interesting points. What about copyright law? Check out the next section!