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Bruin Success with Less Stress

Where Do YOU Stand?

Carlos and Eddie obviously don't share the same views about their approach to academics. Where do you stand? Answer the questions and see where you fall. (This is just for fun, so relax and enjoy.)

I've used or would use or other web sites where I could get free or purchase completed assignments and papers online.
a) That's me.: 14 votes (1.49%)
b) Only if I'm desperate.: 52 votes (5.53%)
c) I don't use those kinds of sites.: 875 votes (92.99%)
Total Votes: 941
If the assignment is lame or tedious, why should I have to suffer? I would:
a) Find a completed assignment and copy it.: 10 votes (1.13%)
b) Just not do it. It's just a small percentage of my grade anyway.: 49 votes (5.56%)
c) Suck it up and do the assignment.: 823 votes (93.31%)
Total Votes: 882
I have way too much to do and not enough time to write my paper—which is due tomorrow! My plan of action is to...
a) Copy and paste from web pages and/or online articles.: 18 votes (1.98%)
b) Start brewin' a strong pot of coffee and just turn in whatever I have done by the deadline.: 527 votes (58.04%)
c) Are you kidding? I'm a pro at managing my time and I'd never get stuck in this situation.: 363 votes (39.98%)
Total Votes: 908

Find Out Where You Stand!

Choose the tab that matches your answers! Where do you stand?

You Are...

No one likes to be called a cheater, but the truth hurts doesn't it? Maybe you've never been caught before. Maybe school life is too much pressure to deal with. Maybe you cheated just once when you were in a bind. But ya know, it really doesn't matter if you cheat just once or cheat a million times. If you get caught cheating at UCLA, you won't just be dealing with your parents—you'll be dealing with the Dean and you could end up getting suspended or kicked out of the University. And if you're kicked out of the University, we're talkin' the entire University of California. Forever. Not worth it, is it?

If you're not sure how else to cope with the pressures of school, there are tons of free resources and workshops on campus to help students deal—try them.

You Are...

Sometimes you're naughty, sometimes you're nice. Depends on the situation. If you're tempted to cheat, it's usually because you didn't allow yourself enough time, not because you're just trying to get ahead of the pack or are a committed cheater. And if you rush an assignment, you could be in danger of accidentally plagiarizing. You just need to plan ahead and stay in control of your busy schedule. There are tons of free resources and workshops on campus to help students deal—try them! And make use of your professors' office hours. The whole point of your undergraduate education is to learn, and they're here to help you do just that.

You Are...

You do things by the book—at least things related to academics. You work hard and take pride in your work—and people respect you (or maybe resent you...) for this. You'll get ahead on your own merits and will be able to walk at graduation with your head held high. With the self-discipline and drive that you've developed, you'll go far. Just be sure to maintain your values and work ethic when you enter the workforce.

There are tons of free resources and workshops on campus to help busy students stay on top of things and get ahead—check them out. Maybe you could even lead a workshop.