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Bruin Success with Less Stress

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Carlos and Eddie's Guide to Bruin Success with Less Stress

Meet Carlos and his pal Eddie. With school, part-time jobs, and a band, these two UCLA students lead very busy lives. See how they keep on top of things and avoid getting in trouble both in and out of school.

Intellectual Property Heard of "intellectual property" but not sure what it means? Learn the basics here.
Need a File, Share a File Use BitTorrent or other file sharing programs to download music and other files? Not sure why people are getting sued and what the big deal is?
Citing and Documenting Sources Not sure how to cite your sources and want to avoid accidentally plagiarizing? Learn the basics here.
Avoiding Disaster Overwhelmed by the very short and very busy quarter? Learn basic tips on how to keep on top of things and stay in control.
Don't Get Busted You probably know about cheating, but do you know about fabrication and multiple submissions? Learn the basics about academic dishonesty and resources to help you avoid it.