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Asian and Asian American Studies in Library Special Collections

Toward Ethical and Inclusive Descriptive Practices in UCLA Library Special Collections

LSC is committed to remediating harmful description by creating and implementing an anti-oppressive approach to discovery and access. We aim to:

  • Be clear about what we know, how we know it, and what we don't know
  • Embrace baseline description as a tool to improve the discoverability of all our materials
  • Demonstrate an understanding that description is a continuous and necessarily iterative endeavor

Read more about our past and current approaches to description in Toward Ethical and Inclusive Descriptive Practices in UCLA Library Special Collections.

Filipinx Collections

Marikina, Philippines, 1951. By Richard Neutra.


  • Percival Bailey Personal Collection of Papers and Photographs, 1902-1992 - contains Dr. Bailey's essay "West to the Rising Sun" 1950 detailing his weeks as an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Medical Corps in the Philippines and Japan in 1948.
  • Blase Bonpane Papers, 1977 - collection consists of correspondence, lectures, sound recordings, journals, and other materials related to Bonpane's work as a peace activist. Includes cassette tapes about the peasant movement of the Philippines, 1995.
  • John J. Bonica Papers, 1938-1996 - the bulk of the collection pertains to Dr. Bonica's professional activities in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Inlcudes materials about Bonica's trips to the Philippines in 1979; and materials about the Pain Society of the Philippines, 1992.
  • Bound Manuscripts Collection, 1977 
  • Mayor Tom Bradley Administration papers, 1920-1993 (bulk 1973-1993) - contains materials about Filipino communities in Los Angeles
  • Frank F. Chuman Papers, ca. 1900-ca. 1993 - contains articles on the opening up of Japan and the acquisition of the Philippine Islands.
  • James Smoot Coleman Papers, 1946-1987, bulk, 1964-1987 - contains materials from Coleman's book projects about the Philippines, 1980-1984; materials about the University of Philippines, ca. 1975-1980; and transcripts from the Bellagio conferences regarding the Philippines, 1979.
  • Norman Cousins papers, 1924-1991, bulk 1944-1990 - Collection covers the range of Cousins's career as magazine editor, author, and professor, including materials from the Office of War Information about the Philippines; 1965 itinerary for Presidential Delegation to the Inauguration of President Marcos; Cousins's albums about the Philippines in 1964-1965;  and Cousins's trip to the Philippines with H.H. Humphrey, 1965-1966.
  • Collection of Dance Programs, 1890-1990 - contains dance programs for the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, 1960, 1961 and 1964.
  • Derkum (Adam C.) papers ca. 1908-1926 - Collection consists of photographs and papers related to Adam C. Derkum's career as a high school teacher in the Philippines.
  • Collection on Democracy and Unification in Korea, 1975-ca.1990 - contains materials about Human Rights in the Philippines
  • Edward A. Dickson Papers, 1900-1954 - contains letters about life in the Philippines in 1928.
  • Verne Dyson Papers, 1914-1962 -  In 1921, Dyson became professor of English and Chinese history at the University of the Philippines in Manila and helped to found the Philippine Academy of Social Sciences. 
  • East West Players Records, 1965-1992 - as the first Asian American theater founded in 1965, East West Players and its history provide valuable account of Asian Pacific American experience. The collection contains several plays about Filipinos and the Filipino experience.
  • Robert L. Eichelberger Papers, 1940-1947 - collection consists of a scrapbook and correspondence of General Robert L. Eichelberger. Eichelberger was involved in successful action in New Guinea and the Philippines in 1944-1945.
  • Expositions and Fairs Collection, 1853-1974 - collection consists of pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera related to various expositions and fairs. Materials include Official catalogue Philippine exhibits, St. Louis,1904; Official handbook: description of the Philippines, part 1. Manila,1903; and Coconuts in the Philippines.
  • Federal Writers' Project of California records, 1930-1942 - contains Racial Minorities Survey #1086 about Filipinos, 1937
  • Josephine Fowler papers - Josephine Fowler was a scholar, writer, and activist who researched early activity of the Communist Party in the United States, particularly by Asian immigrants and Asian Americans, as well as gay and lesbian activism. Includes materials about Filipinos and Filipino-American Communities.
  • Lulu K. Wolf Hassenplug Papers 1863-1995 - Lulu Wolf Hassenplug (1903-1995), R.N., B.S., M.P.H., Sc.D., was a pioneer and leader in the modern education of nurses, changing the concept of student nurse to that of nursing student and putting nursing on the road to professionalism. Collection includes Harry Hassengplug's diary that involves a trip to the Philippines, 1959; and photographs taken in the Philippines, 1959.
  • Holling Clancy Holling papers, ca.1832-1989 - Holling Clancy Holling (1900-1973) was an instructor, freelance designer, advertising artist, and book illustrator. Collection includes photographs, art and illustrations, and printed matter about the Philippines.
  • Vernon Winthrop Houghton Papers, 1912-1956 - Collection consists of six albums of professional and personal materials of architect Vernon W. Houghton. Includes blueprints, plans, photographs, sketches, correspondence, photostats, and memorabilia. Includes building designs for the Philippines, San Francisco, San Diego, and the Los Angeles area. 
  • Sidney L. Huff papers, 1918-1966; Bulk, 1941-1951 - Colonel Huff joined General Douglas MacArthur, military adviser to the Philippines, as his naval assistant in 1936. Colonel Sidney L. Huff was an aide to General MacArthur for fifteen years from 1936 to 1951, including the years of World War II, the occupation of Japan, and the Korean Conflict. The collection consists of military documents, correspondence, ephemera, photos, news clippings, two photo albums, and two large scrapbooks.
  • Harry H. L. Kitano Papers, ca. 1960- - contains materials about Filipinos and alcohol, 1988
  • Latino Theatre Initiative / Center Theatre Group Papers 1980-2005 - contains a proposal : This Land: an agricultural American performance piece as told through Japanese, Filipino, and Mexican Immigrants who worked in the California fields, 1996
  • Charles Tileston Leeds Papers, 1904-1960 - Collection consists of correspondence, clippings, photographs, and related printed materials concerning the military career of Charles T. Leeds, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Before 1911, Leeds was stationed in the Philippines.
  • Irving Lerner papers, 1935-1978 - collection contains research materials for the 1963 film Cry of Battle regarding the Philippines, Philippine entertainment, film production, and life in the Philippines.
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education records, 1875-2012 - contains communication presented by the Secretary of The Filipino Youth suggesting that the magazine, “The Filipino Youth” be included in the list of magazines used by the Board.
  • Steve Louie Asian American Movement collection, 1930-1980 (bulk 1964-1980) - contains Gidra: The News Magazine of the Asian American Community, Los Angeles volume 1, number 5 1969 August - with information about Filipino immigrants; also includes newspapers about Philippine democracy and martial law.
  • Carey McWilliams Papers, 1930-1940 - contains McWilliams's article Exit the Filipino from The Nation, September 4, 1935; and pamphlets and journals concerning Filipino rights and Filipino workers in California.
  • Collection of Mexican Pamphlets and Other Printed Material, 1667-1887 - collections includes a pamphlet about Augustians in the Philippines "Mapa general de las almas que administran los padres agustinos calzados en estas Islas Filipinas, sacado en año de 1818."
  • Miscellaneous Ephemera Collection, ca. 1800- - contains ephemera and postal cards about the Philippines, politics and government (1970) and Philippine languanges.
  • Carlos J. Moorhead papers, 1973-1995 - contains HR 639 Aliens in Armed Forces, 1989: Bill Resolution re Filipino Veterans Fairness Act, Dear Colleague Letter with notes, correspondence, co-sponsored Legislation.
  • Richard and Dion Neutra papers, 1925-1970 - collection consists of travel sketches, papers, drawings, rolled plans, blueprints, audio recordings, and photographs related to Richard Neutra's career as an architect. Travel sketches included views of the Philippines, and materials about Philippine architecture.
  • Collection of Pamphlet Maps, 1750- - includes pamphlet maps of the Philippines.
  • Peruvian Manuscripts collection, 1619-1824 - seven volume collection of manuscripts and printed materials on colonial and independent Peru focuses on the late eighteenth century, although its contents span from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. Includes a royal decree about a Spanish accountant in the Philippines marrying an indigenous woman, 1777, and materials about the Trans-Pacific trade with the Philippines.
  • John Povey Papers, 1958-1992 - contains an unbound manuscript on English literature in the Philippines, 1962.
  • Ralph Edwards Productions Production Records 1940- - contains recordings in which subjects are dealing with World War II and the Philippines.
  • Republic Pictures Corporation Records, 1935-1960 - includes the continuity script of the travel film, This World is Ours - Philippines, 1952.
  • Clete Roberts Papers, 1938-1986 - contains clippings from the The Philippines Herald reporting on the Philippine election of 1961; it also contains a photograph of Roberts with Conrad Salumbides, Chairman of the Filipino Council of United Organizations, ca. 1963.
  • Allegra Fuller Snyder papers, 1960-2010 - Snyder's research areas included performance dance, dance ethnology, dance therapy, and film as a method of preserving and documenting dance; materials include 1964 Bayanihan Dance Company programs and the Booklet of Pamanlahi Philippine Dance Troupe directed by O'Nil Pineda de los Reyes.
  • Collection of Socialist and Labor Movement Pamphlets and Books, 1886-1962 - contains pamphlets on communism and colonialism in Asian and South Asian countries including the Philippines, 1921-1972.
  • Joseph E. Spencer Papers, 1924-1985 - Spencer was a professor of geography at UCLA. Includes research files about the cultural and economic geography (5 × 8 note cards), ca. 1950-1960s about the Philippines.
  • Frederick Starr collection of material relating to Mexico, 1860-1930 - collection includes an article from the Manila Times titled Are the Filipinos really ungrateful? August 7, 1907.
  • H. Arthur Steiner Papers, 1942-1945 - H. Arthur Steiner (1905-1991) was a Marine corps officer during World War II and a professor of international relations and political science at UCLA. Collections contains a Long range air navigation chart of the Philippine Islands - East Asia and North Pacific, 1945;  and aerial view of Fort Drum in the Corregidor Island, Philippines.
  • Peter and Donna Thomas papers on the History of Papermaking in the Philippines, 1980-2005 - The collection consists of drafts, correspondence, photographs, handmade paper samples, and research materials related to the writing of the book, The History of Papermaking in the Philippines.
  • Union Oil Company of California records, 1884-2005 - includes materials about Union Oil's geothermal operations in the Philippines.
  • Simeon A. Villa Flight and wanderings of Emilio Aguinaldo 1899-1901 - Typewritten English translation of Colonel Simeon A. Villa's diary, which records the flight of the Philippine revolutionary leader Emilio Aguinaldo from American forces from 1899 to 1901. While most of the diary consists of observations on the hardships experienced by the party, attention is also given to Igorot culture, interactions between various Philippine ethnic groups, and American and Philippine politics.
  • Wilkinson Collection of Library Postcards, ca. 1900-1990 - collection contains library postcards from Manila
  • William Wyler Papers, 1925-1975 - Collection consists of materials related to the career of motion picture director, William Wyler. Includes correspondence about foreign censorship in the Philippines and clippings about the Philippines.

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