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Cluster 48: Political Violence in the Modern World: Cases, and Consequences

Meet Mischa Gureghian Hall

Name: Mischa Gureghian Hall (he/him)

Cluster: 48, Political Violence in the Modern World: Cases, and Consequences 

Major: Global Studies

Hometown: London and Los Angeles

Fun fact: Amassing a 60+ collection of vinyl records

I wished I’d known: The cost of asking questions is far less than that of doing an assignment or project without understanding it or being confused. Ask for help whenever you feel you need it. 

Benefit of taking a cluster: The course allows you to delve deep into the subject in a way that no other lower division course does. It prepares you for college-level writing and gives you a head start with learning techniques that will give you a leg up upper division coursework and graduate school. You also can't overemphasize the benefit to connecting with peers and instructors passionate about the same topics as you in a unique course format.