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Cluster 48: Political Violence in the Modern World: Cases, and Consequences

Searching for Journal Titles

If the item you find does not have full text online, copy the title of the journal and search for it in the UCLA Library Search. Paste the title into the Search box. Select your title from the list and see if UCLA owns the item you seek. If there is an Available Online link, you can find the full text online. When using these links be sure to check and see if the coverage includes the volume/year that you need.

Remote Access & MFA

Article Databases

This is a very select list of available article databases. If you want to look for others, go to this page and click through to your discipline (political science, sociology, history, etc.). Here you will find a selection of the most useful databases for each discipline listed.

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                 Get it at UC              is your link to full-text! Note that some sources only index journal articles—they don't actually have the full text. Use the button to find the full text or search for the journal title in the UCLA Library Catalog.

Scholarly v. Popular

Here is a short video explaining PEER REVIEW.