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Los Angeles Times Photographic Archives in Library Special Collections

Select Images from the LA Times Photo Collection- Holidays

South Central Christmas Party

Ella Fitzgerald singing with children at Christmas party of South Central Community Child Care Center in Watts. 1975-12-25

Cinco de Mayo

Mexican American dancer and musicians on Cinco de Mayo. 1941-05-12

Chinese New Year

Roland Soo Hoo, 3, armed with punk stick and firecrackers, gets instructions from an older brother in preparation for celebrating Chinese New Year's Day. 1947-01-22

New Year's Day 1951

From all four sides of City Hall, lighted windows told of the new year when the number "51" stood out boldly against the darkness. This is first time symbol, other than a cross, was used in City Hall's windows.

Thanksgiving Pageant

The traditional pageant "Pilgrims Triumphant" was among features which attracted some 5,000 visitors to the annual festival at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA. Children of Claremont were among cast members. 1967-11-18

Las Posadas

Las Posadas festivities on Olvera Street, Los Angeles. 1966-12-05

Jewish Holy Days

Sam Richburg holds Torah, Mordchai Leibman blows Shofar during rehearsals for Holy Days at Jewish Home for Aged. 1959-09-26


25,000 worshipers at Hollywood Bowl Easter services Los Angeles. 1947-04-07

Chinese New Year

Chinese lion being readied for the New Year celebration in Chinatown, Los Angeles. 1927-02

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo festivities on Olvera Street, Los Angeles. 1962-05-06

Bob Hope's Christmas TV Show

Heiseman Trophy winner Doug Flutie and Bob Hope hoist Olympic gymnastics champion Mary Lou Retton while taping Hope's Christmas TV show. 1984-12-11


Making Hamentaschen cookies, resembling the tri-cornered hat of Hamen, for the ancient Jewish holiday of Purim are Elissa Shore, Greg Abrams, Amy Pardo and Sheila Cohen, all 4 years old. 1958-03-06

Turkey Shoot

Betty Carrillo, Police Chief Roy E. Steckel and Deputy Chief James E. Davis at the Los Angeles Police Department Revolver Club's turkey shoot at the police pistol range in Elysian Park. 1932-12

Rosh Hashana

Michel Levitt, 103, sounds Shofar, signaling Rosh Hashana, at Jewish Home for the Aged. 1946-09-27

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo festivities in Los Angeles. 1951-05-06

Chinese New Year

Girls from Castelar Elementary School, near Chinatown in Los Angeles, perform Ribbon Dance to mark first day of Chinese New Year. 1974-01-24

Las Posadas

Las Posadas procession on Olvera Street, Los Angeles. 1949-12-22

Yom Kippur

Phillip Finkelstein, Michel Levit, and Joseph Flasterstein shown with the holy scroll of laws at the Jewish Home for the Aged as Goodman Verity blows the shofar horn, ending Jewish memorial services marking the observance of Yom Kippur. 1945-09-18


A tableau of Christmas peace and well-being is depicted in four-generations of the Dakin family. 1951-12-23

St. Patrick's Day

Brentwood Guild of the John Tracy Clinic celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a luncheon at the Beverly Hills Club. 1954-02-24

Snow in Los Angeles

Carolers perform during Los Angeles City Hall program as artificial snow is dropped from the balcony. 1951-12-25

New Year's

Two couples enjoying a New Year's Eve toast at a Los Angeles party, as the clock strikes 12, welcoming in 1954. 1954-01-01

Christmas Tree Lane

Trees on Santa Rosa Ave. in Altadena, California's oldest Christmas Tree Lane. Some 1,000 lights are interlaced in branches of the mile-long lane. 1953-12-25

Holiday Decorations

Over 100 trees are decorated along Hollywood Blvd in preparation for the holiday season. 1953-11-28

Santa Claus

Trona, who found her Santa Claus visit in a downtown store too exciting, is held in the lap of her sister, Sherry. 1953-12-14