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Los Angeles Times Photographic Archives in Library Special Collections

Select Images from the LA Times Photo Collection- Crimes and Court Cases

Mickey Cohen

Jimmy Rist, Sol Davis, Mickey Cohen and Mike Howard being booked on suspicion of murder in Los Angeles, Calif., 1948-08-20

William James (Curly) Guy

Accused murderer William James (Curly) Guy leaving jail after acquittal as Deputy Sheriff Swan Wilson opens the gate, Long Beach, 1933-02

Louise Peete

Accused killer Louise Peete is escorted to court by her husband Richard Peete (on her left) and bailiff Martin Aguirre, Los Angeles, 1921

Central Library Fire

Arson investigators in art and music reading room of Los Angeles Central Library, 1986-09-05

"Socks" McDonald

Bootlegger "Socks" McDonald in handcuffs at Los Angeles city jail, 1931

Manson Family

Manson family members Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins at inmate entrance of courthouse in Los Angeles, Calif., 1973-02-15

Robert F. Kennedy

Los Angeles police officer inspecting area of Ambassador Hotel kitchen where Robert F. Kennedy was shot, 1968-06-06

Ransom Instructions

Ransom instructions, Mary B. Skeele kidnapping case, 1933


Secretary from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, exhibits $40,000 worth of opium found concealed in candy box, 1947-06-05

Owens Valley Aqueduct

Two men examining kit of dynamite and wire found during sabotage incidents of Owens Valley Aqueduct, Calif., circa 1924

Hell's Angels

Two Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members in handcuffs, facing wall showing designs on back jackets in Los Angeles, Calif., 1964-02-01

Investigating Fall

Detectives Thad Brown and George Hill and another man investigate Fred La Mar's accidental fall at the Hotel Rosslyn, Los Angeles, 1935-08-12

LSD Laced Chips

Sheriff deputies displaying LSD laced potato and corn chips in Los Angeles, Calif., 1970-04-06

Attorney William E. Simpson

Attorney William E. Simpson standing alone in courtroom clenching both fists in Los Angeles, Calif., circa 1931


Crowd of people witnessing police returning wine barrels to Tony Panzich's wine cellar during Prohibition in 1929, Los Angeles, Calif., 1929-07-21

Bookie Raid

Detective B.J. Anderson examining table laden with telephones at raid on bookie at 923 S. San Julian in Los Angeles, Calif., 1938-12-08