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Los Angeles Times Photographic Archives in Library Special Collections

Select Images from the LA Times Photo Collection- Animals

West Los Angeles Police Cat

The West Los Angeles Police Department radio room gets a once-over from a loyal friend, above, who, every night, scampers around the board. 1948-11-07

Casting Call

Casting call for black cats to star in Roger Corman movie in Los Angeles, Calif., 1961-11-27


Jon Provost and Lassie, stars of the Lassie television show, pose with the first-place award given Lassie in the TV sweepstakes. 1958-03-30

Muni the Bear

Muni the Bear, drinking sugar water from a glass bottle, Los Angeles. 1935-06-29

Pet Lynx

Gigi the lynx behaves just like an overgrown kitten. He was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Olson two years ago during a summer visit to the Colorado Rockies. 1935-12-13

Rescued Opossum

Far from his native haunts, seemingly tame, an opossum was found strolling on Santa Monica Boulevard yesterday. Mrs. William Sexton is shown presenting the animal to Dr. Roland Snow. 1935-07-29

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals at four-day Fiesta de San Gabriel at the San Gabriel Mission. Patricia carries her mynah bird, and Joe, his pet turtle. 1960-08-24

Monkey Insists on Friends in Court

Municipal Judge Hollopeter with Capuchian Monkey, Mary, and two other Colombian monkeys that accompanied Mary to a trial on monkey custody. 1932-11-07

Ecuadorian Pet Honey Bear

Louis J. Filley holds Kinkii, his Ecuadorian pet honey bear, in his home, South Pasadena. 1936-02-28

Two-Toes Sloths

A Family of three two-toed sloths arrive in Santa Monica after journey from Costa Rica.


Lao Fu sneaks lunch before he competes in a cat show. 1947-11-27

"El Camino" and puppies

"El Camino" in official freshman cap, and puppies, are "enrolled" at El Camino Junior College. 1947-12-22


Diane Isensee holds bowl of ice cream while Polly, 35 years old, demonstrates her spoon handling skills. 1948-02-03

Hermosa Beach Parade

Ronnie Points, 4, takes role of postman to lead his entry in the Hermosa Beach pet parade. 1948-06-18

Cheta the Chimpanzee

Sheriff Biscailuz buys tickets for the St. John's Hospital Guild circus premiere from Cheta, the chimpanzee. 1948-08-03

Marine Corps Mascot

Actress Ann Blyth presents new bulldog mascot to the US Marine Corps at Terminal Island Naval Base. 1948-12-27

South American Tejon

Avon Mattison with her pet South American tejon, wins most unusual animal at Pasadena Polytechnic Elementary School. 1949-05-07

Birds of Prey

Teens with birds of prey trained as a hobby. 1950-09-10

Navy Cargo Ship Mascot

Navy sailor Theodore Hett with Navy cargo ship mascot on return from Korea. 1952-04-02

Rescued Dog

Paul Shelton, 2, with pup adopted from Ann Street Animal Shelter. 1953-09-20

Pet Show Goat

Bert Walker and pet goat enter Pasadena Polytechnic Elementary School pet show. 1953-04-26