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Cluster 73: Mind Over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of Brain

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Recommended databases for finding science articles:

Recommended databases for finding historical and philosophical articles: 

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Where Do I Get the Full Text?

Can't find the article in full-text?  Look for these buttons.

PDF Full-Text will download the entire article:

Or, look for the UC-eLinks button:

UC-eLinks will point you to a database that has the article in full text:

If it's not available full text, you can request it from another library and they will email it to you through our Interlibrary Loan service:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another option to find scholarly articles. It's also helpful if you have the title of an article and are looking for the full text—just paste the title into the search bar. Then, click on the "UC eLinks" button from your results to access the full-text through the library.
If you don't see the UC eLinks in your results, click on "Settings," then "Library Links" and select University of California, Los Angeles as your institution. Then input your search terms. You can limit the date range on the left to get fewer, more recent results.
Don't ever pay for an article! If you can't find the article via the library, ask a librarian for help
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