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British Parliamentary Papers

British parliamentary sessional papers, debates, and other British documents.

About the House of Commons Sessional Papers

The Sessional Papers are also known generally as the Parliamentary Papers. Until 1969, the Sessional Papers were grouped and published as Bills (legislative drafts), Reports of Committees/Reports of Commissions, and Accounts and Papers (statistics, census data, etc.). Since 1969 the Sessional Papers have been published under Bills, House Papers, and Command Papers. The Sessional Papers will include census data, statistical information and abstracts, and correspondence from officials. For more explanation of the British Parliamentary Papers, including what Bills, Reports, and House Papers are, see the HCPP summary.

Command Papers are the collective name given to government publications presented to Parliament "by command of His/Her Majesty." They include treaties and international agreements, government policy initiatives, government consultation documents, and statistics and annual reports of some government bodies. To find them in the UCLA Library catalog searach under:

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Title: Sessional Papers
Call Number: J301.K6

Research Library Holdings by Format

1756–1800 microfilm SRLF
1801–1900 digital HCPP
1801–1950 microprint Research Library A-Level Service Desk
1934–1987 print Research Library J301.K6
1987–present microfiche SRLF
2005–present PDF The Stationary Office